Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling

  • I have just got in to making sausage and snake sticks, and I’m using my 22" WSM and would like to get your ideas on what Wireless Meat Thermometer you are using. I have Thermo Pro TP08 and its junk and have had the probes replaced. Have gotten a couple of junk ones from Wally World . Would like to know what your using. Thank You

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    bigbuck1976 I have a inkbird ibt-4xp got it off amazon really like it cause I can set a low& high temp alarm… has 4 probes…it runs off a app to your phone. Battery life is really good too smoked all day in 30° weather battery only went down to maybe half charged

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    bigbuck1976 If you are looking for a true wireless thermometer, the only one I am aware of is the Meater, which Walton’s sells.

    Now if by wireless you mean, you can remotely monitor temperatures, then I would go with a Fireboard. It is what I have, and works off of both Bluetooth and Wifi, and you can connect up to 6 probes. It also has the ability to run a fan for temperature control when using charcoal/wood on smokers/grills.

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    bigbuck1976 I can confirm that the Meater or the Meater Plus is the best wireless that I have used. In my opinion it is superior to the Grilleye by a good margin. My Grilleye was perfect for what I wanted but one of their firmware upgrades messed with the unit badly and I was seeing a lot of people having the same issues. Now, they have released a new firmware that is supposed to fix all those issues but I haven’t had time to try it yet.

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    Jonathon I have a Meater Block and an original Meater (not the plus) and have a lot of issues with connectivity.

    I primarily use my Meater’s in my Smokin-It smoker that has heavy gauge insulated steel walls and getting a reliable signal has been challenging to say the least.

    When the weather gets a little nicer, I am going to try some different solutions that I found on The Meater website and some other sites. But, I would caution anyone with heavy duty thick walled smokers that this could be an issue.

    I haven’t given up yet, but it has been a bit frustrating.

    Also, for some reason the temps tend to run a little lower than my Maverick and my instant read thermometers. But, I haven’t done a calibration test yet to confirm which is off.

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    NDKoze Interesting, I haven’t had an issue with using it in the PK100. I leave the block ontop of the PK and then I put our department smartphone about 30 feet away from that, then that phone connects to the cloud and I can monitor from there. Lucky to have an available smartphone to use. Apparently a tablet will work as well but I haven’t tried that.

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    I leave mine on top of the smoker too, but the block frequently loses connection. Connecting to a smartphone or tablet is not a problem if the block is connected. I haven’t given up on it yet. :)

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    ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer
    Just got this one and I’m super happy I did! $40 on amazon. Radio frequency not Bluetooth. I can read it in the shop from the far side of my house. Put it in the truck with me and I lose signal at 2 BLOCKS AWAY! Tried it at my buddies where the big smoker is located in a steel Quonset, loses signal at 200’, but that’s to be expected.
    Highly recommend this product.

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    NDKoze Not sure if this is a difference between plus and regular? What about firmware? I’m pretty sure it is same for reg and plus and I am on v1.0.4_0 do you know what you are on?

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    Jonathon said in Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling:

    NDKoze Not sure if this is a difference between plus and regular? What about firmware? I’m pretty sure it is same for reg and plus and I am on v1.0.4_0 do you know what you are on?

    Hi Jonathan, I will have to check the version later tonight.

    But, from what I can tell there is a bit of a difference between the Standard Meater and the Meater+ in that it has a “Bluetooth Repeater” that is “supposed” to extend the range up to 165’. I would be happy if it would extend it to 1-2 feet.

    It is essentially the same thing with the Meater Block in that the block itself includes the repeater.

    The other advantage is that the Meater+ or Meater Block can take the place of the second device that is needed if you have the standard Meater. So, you could put the Meater+ charging block or the Meater Block near the smoker/grill instead of having to use another Android/Apple device.

    I have tried submitting support requests to The Meater guys in the past, but sent another one tonight to see if they have any new suggestions that could help. If I get anything helpful, I will forward it on.

    Here are a few pictures from their support pages:

    Meater Versus Meater+.png

    Range of Meater Block

    Range of Meater Block.png

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    NDKoze Yeah I find that the Bluetooth ranges of everything are always exaggerated as those are under “optimum conditions” which probably means no walls, direct line of sight and lack of other signals. I’ll try to play around with a regular vs a plus to see what the actual ranges are but not sure I can get my hands on one right away.

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    Jonathon Yeah, I think that is why they show 165 ft for the Meater Block and Meater+ externally, but only 10 ft from inside a ceramic grill or smoker.

    My standard Meater is pretty much regulated to oven or other low wall thickness cooking vessels. I would think it would work in my Weber Kettle, but haven’t tried it yet.

    FYI, the version on my Meater Block is

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    NDKoze See, now I am concerned and won’t update my firmware! This is what happened with my grilleye. I don’t need new firmware with newfangled features, I just want the version that makes it work!

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    Jonathon If yours is working fine, I agree that i wouldn’t mess with it. Mine has had bad connectivity since I have had it, so I was hoping that the firmware update would make it better. But, alas I still get regular disconnects.

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    NDKoze Jonathon I have no problems being a guinnea pig and trying the firmware update on mine. I’m out of town for a few days, but I’ll try and remember to run some checks on mine, then update firmware, and re-run some tests and see if anything changs once I’m back.

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    Austin FYI I am hiding mine so if “yours” was the media rooms Meater you will never find it! Well, I guess it’s not really “mine”

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    Jonathon I have a separate one. If it works fine though I may just update yours without telling you and see if you notice.

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    I see this thread is year old but has anyone tried the meat stick therm. Its truly wireless like the meater but seems to be better built in that its is water proof, can be used in a deep frier, and can monitor 8 probes using an app. Also COMES IN ORANGE. If anyone has tried this I would like to know. I’m in no way affiliated with any company, just looking to get the best thing for me. Hers a link .


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    @samspade2519 saw this the other day, I’d like to know more as well.

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    Bought a used meatstick off ebay and of course it did not work. The meat stick company helped get the replacement bridge and probes, it now works as it should . I’m quite happy with this set up.

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