• I have Grandpa’s old Stimpson #12. It works great with a 3/8 plate, but makes mush with a 3/16. I replaced the knife, the plate is new. Any remedy?

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    keep your meat as cold as possible put it in the freezer between grinds if you get ice crystals in it is ok but not solid frozen

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    If the knife is sharp, the plate new and the meat is cold the only thing I can think of is the auger tolerance is not tight enough to push the meat threw the small 3/16 holes, I have found it I definitely harder to grind meat with smaller plates

  • I did not mention that I was trying to regrind what had been through the 3/8 plate. We did have a friend’s #32 grinder on hand that worked fine to regrind with the 3/16

    craigrice I may try putting meat back in freezer, but I like to grind through 3/8, then go straight to 3/16

    akdave Sounds like that may be the problem, because it works great for the first grind with meat chunks.

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    RandyNight That is a pretty awesome old grinder! like akdave said cold it your friend and especially on the 2nd grind. I’d also make sure that there is a bushing in the back of the auger if one is required. On those older ones they often are. Also, don’t jam the meat down with a stomper, I see you don’t have much of a tray up top so I would recommend dropping a handful in then waiting until it clears the auger from what you can look down into and then add another handful. 2nd grind always take longer, no matter what than 1st grinds. Even if you used a 3/8 plate both times the 2nd grind would take a lot longer.

  • Jonathon It does have a flat washer for a bushing, I have an extra plastic bushing that came with my #8 Lem grinder I purchased maybe 5 years ago. I did try it Saturday, but it was too thick and the plate would not catch in the notch. I may try to sand it down and see it it works.

    Yep that thing is a hoss. Weighs over 100 lb with the head. Big 1 hp standard frame electric motor in it with a gearbox that I have to check the oil level in it.

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    That could well be your problem without the bushing you may not be abel to get the knife close enough to the plate to let the knife cut

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    RandyNight When you load the plate and knife is there any movement back and forth along the stud at the end of the auger?

  • I will check that Saturday when we set up to make pork sausage. Made venison last Saturday.

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