• Hey guys I just made 4 one pound batches of breakfast sausages to find out which we like the best. I ground them twice and added the seasonings and put them in the fridge. I have heard all you guys talk about making a patty and frying it up to taste test. My question is do you fry that patty up right away or do you let the product sit for a while first? I know this sounds trivial but it seems like you wouldn’t get much flavor if you fry it up right away. Doesn’t it take a while for the seasonings to “soak in”? Thanks.

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    most people will fry a patty when mixing so that can adjust the seasoning in the batch as needed before stuffing or patty making

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    I’d say its personal preference. I would highly recommend Walton’s H-110 Hot Pork Sausage Seasoning!

  • hinoon for a better mix on your sausage mix the seasoning before the first grind after that add your water and hand mix well then make your second grind. This will mix and blend seasoning well before you cook a sample.

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    I always fry a taste test at the time I am making the sausage or Burger Mix. That way I can adjust the taste before going directly into the process that is next, bulk bags, patties, links. Then I take a break by putting it all in the refrigerator or freezer as I usually am making 50-100 of Sausage and Burger Mix at a time. Fresh Links get Vacuum sealed, as well as bulk and patties after getting them partially frozen to maintain the shape when Vacuum Sealing.

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    Mr. Fwed That’s how I do mine. I cut the meat into about 1" x 3" pieces then mix in the seasonings & pork fat. Sometimes I’ll let that sit in the fridge for a few hours before doing the first grind. Refrigerate again for a couple of hours and do the second grind. Always comes out great.

  • Thanks for all the help guys. We ended up going for 2 different seasonings. I love the Holly one and the wife cant get enough of the 110 hot one. I mixed the 4 like I said and left them in the fridge overnight. Got up in the am and tried a little taste test of all 4. We came up with our favs and made 12.5 lbs of each. The sausage turned out way better than I thought it would. We get a pig every year and this sausage is WAY better than what they make so we will just ask for ground pork instead of getting their sausage. Thank you Waltons for such a great place to shop and talk “meatery”.

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    hinoon Glad you liked the flavors! Holly is our best selling seasoning, not just breakfast sausage seasoning but best selling overall seasoning. It’s pretty awesome in my opinion. H-110C is really good too though. If you are looking for something different the Extra Maple PSS is pretty good!

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