• When I use fatty meats (75/25 or 70/30) I am getting fat puddles between the casing and the meat. Taste is fine but aesthetically is doesn’t look very good. Is this normal? Or can I change something? Is it just cheap meat? Thanks

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    benjam88 One of my favorite subjects! What you are experiencing is called “fat out” and it happens when your fat renders out of the meat during the cooking process. A couple of different things can be the root cause but the most common culprit is lack of protein extraction (im gonna start a band called protein extraction,with Parksider, Joe Hell Tex_77 and PapaSop who are all probably sick as heck of hearing me talk about it). Now haivng enough protein extractions means the fat, protein, water, additives and seasoning are not bound together tightly enough. Look at the third picture down in this https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/763/cured-sausage-106-basics-of-making-snack-sticks and it should look like that or go to the 2:00 minute mark in that video and you will see how stretchy/sticky the meat should be.

    it also could be your smoke schedule, I’d recommend mimicking what is in that article above. Also, use of a binder can certainly help.

    A meat mixer really is your best friend when making cured sausage as it makes protein extraction far simpler!

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    Jonathon I’ve got quite few guitars and such if you want to start a band. The first single off the album by Johnny T & the Meat Sweats should be “I got a gal and we Sure Gel”

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    Sick of hearing about it? No way! The greatest thing about being part of this community is the fact that no matter how many times it’s asked, you and Austin have always taken the time to reply. Something to be said for that.

    So much knowledge here. Thought I knew something about sausage making at one time. Turns out I was a just a rookie. Still learning every day.

    You’ve come to the right place…Just saying

  • Thanks guys!! I have a meat mixer, it is evident that I am not putting enough cranking time on her. I will definitely be doing that. Gonna try the bourbon peppercorn this weekend! I made a 10lb bologna with ghost pepper cheese last weekend and it might be the best thing I have ever made in my life!!! If you like heat, give it a shot!

  • Jonathon I play electric bass if you need someone!!!

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