• So like everyone stores have meat flying off the shelves. I have a lot of friends and family asking me to make snack sticks, beef jerky and Summer Sausage. I have some pork shoulder but not enough. I was able to get a good amount of pork loin which in the back says 18 percent total fat. I also have some ground beef in fridge which is 75 percent fat. I do have pork fat that I always freeze. I’ve only ever used pork shoulder by it’s self for summer sausage and sticks. Any advice on how the pork loin will do and if I need to add fat or the ground beef?

  • I have some canned ground pork—what is best to use them for ?

  • When I’ve used pork loin I used bacon to add the fat. Worked out good and added a smokey flavor

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    You’ll be a little light on the fat if you don’t add any but not to a degree where it will cause you a problem, just don’t trim any fat off of your pork loin. If you are adding beef fat I would recommend you add enough to take it 18% to 25% also, a binder can do wonders for a low-fat product. In this instance, I wouldn’t recommend that you add Cold phosphate to increase the water holding capacity of the meat as it is also going to raise the pH and therefore shorten the shelf-life of the product.

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