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    Tried 4 times to call in live stream phone number says not in service.

    Just wanted to say as long as we are to stay at home this is a great time to practice making sasuage, snack sticks, Etc. and if you need more meat check with all your hunting buddies and neighbors to clean out their freezer for the older meat they might have. I have made some great snack sticks and summer sasuage from 2-3 year old meat. What they do not want to do is use old fat as it seems to get strong fast.


  • Team Blue

    It’s also a good time to start a new hobby or brush up on and old one. Brew some beer, practice guitar, make bread, start your garden, clean your garage…donate.

  • Masterbuilt

    I think everyone will find out it will be hard to go back to work after spending time at home enjoying the things they love to do.
    As for me…my gunshop is still open…until I get the order to close. I will continue to wipe down surfaces and do the best I can to keep customers safe.
    When this is all over… I’m going on vacation!

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