Why would you put Butylated Hydroxytoluene or Butylated Hydroxyanisole in your sausage

  • I saw a post on a FB Sausage forum over the weekend and this person stated they make 18,000lbs of sausage a year and use a commercial product, STA-SWEET, to help stabilize vac-packed sausage that is frozen for a long time. Apparently,STA-SWEET.jpg the company/supplier is out of business and these guys state there is a noticeable difference in their long term frozen product w/o it. Any of you industry folk aware of this product, it’s use, and alternatives?

    Googling the two ingredients gives me pause to consume product with that stuff in it, despite it being approved for food use…

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    ClaytonD I have never heard of it stuff, I’d guess we have some commercial customers who use that or something like it though. You can call me a shill for the FDA or USDA but after meeting a few of the professors that play a big part in forming these studies and tests I trust them. They really do care about making sure they aren’t putting things in our food that are going to hurt us.

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    ClaytonD BHA and BHT they have been around forever - great anti-oxidant

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    ClaytonD I think Departing Contestant is Right it’s BHA and BHT It helps keep them from going rancid helps keep color ect. Any big name Brat maker will use it like Johnsonville for example.
    Waltons has a Product called Originox that is a oregano extract that is supposed to do the same thing and is all natural. We just started playing with it last week and so far the color test show that it does help. I however have not tried it yet for Flavor.
    Its a little pricey at 4.5 cents per lb and i think only available in 5lb or greater bags but that will do 8k lbs.

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