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    Ok, so I’m working from home AKA experimenting with some spice profiles for jerky. I just did some Chipotle ranch and it has absolutely no flavor. Now…I know it’s a marinade bought I thought this may work for jerky. I used the recipe on the bag, added cure, followed the thermal processing chart and the flavor is just not there. So I took evasive maneuvers and but some of the spice in a shaker, but the jerky in a zip lock and let it sweat for a minute, then did the shake and bake in the bag. Not bad…not was i was looking/hoping for, but edible… I’m sorta patiently waiting for my Walton’s shipment to get some more spices to try. Any thoughts on this one?

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    Parksider Perhaps add a store bought powdered ranch dressing mix?

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    Parksider My first thought is that lack salt is what is causing most of the issue here. I don’t think that you would be able to do the same thing you did with the seasoning with additional salt but…maybe? I’d also wonder how much you made? That seasoning is a 1/2 lb and only does 12.5 as a marinade.

    Crumble it up and use it almost as bacon bits? That’s probably the best thing I can come up with to use it if your shake and bake isn’t working enough.! Also, I love the fact that you took “evasive maneuvers”!

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