Looking for pumpkin brat recipe

  • A few years ago I read about a pumpkin brat recipe that was on the Excaliber web site. I have been trying to find it with no luck.Does anyone have any information that might help me on this or a recipe they would share with me for the pumpkin brats?

  • There is a seasoning pack for pumpkin brats at PS Seasonings and Spices.

  • Thanks for the info . I have bought seasoning from P S seasonings. I’ll give it a look.

  • Admin

    Excalibur still offers the Pumpkin Pie Flavored Bratwurst Seasoning. We do not stock it, but we can get it and if there is interest, it can be added to our in-stock offerings.

    It would just take us about 2 weeks to get it in. The price would probably end up being $9.99 per package (seasons 25 lb of meat).

    If you want it, I’ll get it ordered and added to stock and we’ll see if we can sell it to others as well then.

  • @Austin Thank you. I would like to try it and if it taste as good as most Excalibur products I would probably use enough to make 200 lbs or more. I live 10 miles from Excalibur factory but can’t buy retail from them. I’ll be looking forward to hear from you.

  • Admin

    We will get a few cases of it ordered then, add it to our normal stock, and give it a shot.
    We should have the order confirmed today or tomorrow.
    I’ll respond back with another update when I’ve got an ETA and the item published at waltonsinc.com

  • Admin

    We will have the Pumpkin Pie Bratwurst Seasoning on April 14th. Price will be $9.99 per package to season 25 lb of meat.

    Once we get it in, we’ll also update with new pictures of the seasoning as well on the product’s page.

    If you do want some, you can order it whenever and the day we get it into our warehouse, we’ll ship your order straight away to you.


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