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  • I’m planning on making a 25 lb batch of snack sticks soon. I usually just trim to consistent length and package when finished, but have the urge to try linking this batch.I’m fairly new to this so any tips would be appreciated. 19mm smoked collagen casings will be used.

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    Linking with collagen casings isn’t really needed but it can be done, the issue you will run into is that since smoked collgen isn’t really designed to be linked it has a tendency to come open at the ends when it is cut. The best way you can avoid this is to do a butchers link and then smoke it like that. I’ve got a video here of us doing it, shoul take you right to the correct time, there is another video where I did this better somewhere but I am having trouble finding it for some reason If I find that I will update.

  • Thanks, Jonathan! My main purpose in wanting to do this was presentation. I didn’t realize there would be issues with them opening up after smoking and separating.

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    metlman501 If you hang them and smoke them when you twist them like that it wont be as much of an issue. You could also use a tier or just tie off between each link and that would work well too. If you are doing it specifically for presentation then you might not mind spending the extra time it takes to tie between each link.

  • I actually lay my sticks on large racks to smoke rather than hanging. If I lay long ropes of linked sticks on racks and smoke, then cool down and in refrigerator overnight prior to separating and packaging, they will likely suffer minimal opening up?

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    metlman501 Hmmm I don’t know, they might slightly unwrap during smoking by not nearly as much as if they were hung as they will have the tension of the rack to hold it in place a little more.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ll likely try a small amount of the batch just to experiment. If it’s successful I’ll report back! Have a Blessed day.

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