• I am getting ready to make a small batch of “imitation bacon” tonight using the Imitation Bacon Seasoning #2. It says on the package that it has cure in it. When I ordered the seasoning I also received a small package of cure. My question is do I need to add additional cure to the mix and if so at what ration? I have not seen anything about having to add additional cure.

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    twilburn Sorry no one has gotten to you on this, we have had a busy weekend here dealing with other stuff, but still, no excuse, I normally get a different email when we have an urgent category but did not on this. It does not need the cure but even if you used it you are far away from where your nitrite level is going to cause an issue. Out of curiosity, did you order anything else? You shouldn’t be getting extra cure packages with the #2, I will find your order and correct this going forward if you only ordered that or nothing else should have had cure in it.

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