Sure Gel/Water for 5lbs of Venison Hamburger 80/20

  • Looking at making snack sticks out of ground venison and have not added sure gel and water before. Any recommendation on a ratio of water and sure gel for 5lbs of ground venison?

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    mwradke Are you adding pork fat to get to 20% pork fat or are you doing it with just the venison? If you are doing just the venison then I would add 9 oz of water. If you are adding pork fat then 6.4 oz (both of those are because you are using sure gel)

    For 5 lb batches the sure gel is 3 tbspn & 1 tspn (1.2 oz/33.9 g) Go by weight if you can because that will be more accurate.

    We broke down all additives, seasonings and cures in 1 and 5 lb batches here The newer seasonings have been done and will be updated in the next few days but almost everything should be on there!

    Good luck!

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