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    I made my first Summer Sausage using Soy Protein as a binder, but was using recipe information from a couple sausage making books, that did not use Soy Protein. I am pretty sure I was lacking in water content, as my farce was not very “loose” and I got some pitting or big air pockets, likely from not packing tight enough (because the farce was to dry)?
    If using soy protein, should I be adding more liquid, and at what rate above a recipe not using a binder?

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    BruceDir We recommend you use about 1 qt of water per 25 lb batch if you aren’t adding a binder and UP to 2 qt if you are. The binders (especially carrot fiber) help more water stay in the product. So, yes, you can add more water with a binder.

    The voids are probably more about not stuffing tight than anything else, unless you didn’t add any water. With a hand crank stuffer, some voids are almost unaVOIDable (haha) but they are usually tiny little voids that don’t matter too much. More water will help mitigate this as the meat will be more liquid but holding that casing on tightly is the most important thing.

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    Thank you Jonathon, will try that this weekend! Cheers

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