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    My concern about buying a premade seasoning is that most always very salty outcome. Has anyone tried the W Pepperoni seasoning. Since I am new to snack sticks did not know about binders. Has anyone used the carrot binder? I will be making small batches with a jerky gun. Should I use the encapsulated acid, is it a good thing. I just don’t want anyone getting sick.

    Thanks in advance

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    I haven’t tried the pepperoni seasoning. I would use the sure gel meat binder over the carrot fiber for sticks. I used ECA in summer sausage and liked the added tang, the flavor was not overpowering at all. Make sure you use Sure Cure along with the ECA, if you use ECA you will have to smoke them right away there is no curing time.

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    sbtech the W Pepperoni only comes in 100 lb units so I would be cautious about trying that one as you would have to weigh out a really small amount for a small batch. If you want pepperoni the Pepperoni Unit is what I like to use for pepperoni. You can use carrot fiber if you want, it doesn’t add protein though so I would recommend Sure Gel instead. Encapsulated Citric Acid is a cure accelerator like tmeiners82 said, it is an optional ingredient though, you can use it if you want but don’t have to. The sure cure that will come with the seasoning is not optional, you need to add that if you are going to smoke it.

    Hope this helped!

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