Fresh sausage.

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    23 pounds of pork and cabbage brats with seasonings. Used a recipe from the Rytek Kutas book. These are tasty. If you like making fresh sausage I would try this recipe.

  • @michael those look awesome! I must have missed that recipe in Rytek’s book, I’ll have to go find it!

    A tip on linking sausages - watch this guy’s 3 link video, since I’ve started doing this I no longer dread twisting & linking. Works great with larger 32mm casings too, a little slower though…

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    @KnucklHed-BBQ That’s a perfect video, we have a guy here who is good with this method and I just filmed him doing it the other day, we are going to do a post about it but yes you are right, this is a great method if you can master it!

  • That is a great video can’t wait to try it. We do some fresh sausage in lamb casings. Freeze on sheet pans than vacuum package. Also brats in hog casings. But we also smoke - cook some of our sausage links and brats then vacuum pack and freeze.
    How would i smoke - cook the sausage if I linked them like in the video?
    We have large wire racks for the smoker but where the sausage touches the rack or another sausage their is a different color no smoke color. Any sugestions?

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    @Papa-Gale You could loop them over smoke sticks if you have a smoker with the vertical space? The picture is on a larger scale but I just smoked 5 lb of chicken brats by linking them and then hanging them over stacks like in this picture.

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    I tried making snack sticks for the second time. This time I added citric acid for some tang. The mix never got sticky and when I stuffed the casing it was not smooth and the water seperated and ran out on the counter top. The meat was like little seperated lumps in the casings. After cooking, they tasted good, but the texture was like compressed saw dust.

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