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    Anyone else get anxiety when processing or smoking. You want everything to go smooth and perfect but yet run into snags in the process? Cant find this or cant find that, other family members in your way, didnt have what you needed that you thought you did, smoking schedule going faster or slower than what you had planned, doesnt taste like you expected, here is a big one, cooking for a wedding, graduation, or other public party? Will you get it done on time? Will they like it or is it too salty? The stress we put on ourselves are endless

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    twilliams Almost every time. Lol. By the time I’m done I don’t even feel like eating. Generally speaking it almost always turns out and I get few complaints but after everything is said and done I don’t have an appetite.

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    Joe Hell thats the downfall, so much work and your sick of looking at it! Gives ya great pride of the chefs around the world that do it day in and day out

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    You’re not alone. Happened to me today. Ditto what Joe Hell said. Typically all works out. 👍😁

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    twilliams This happens to me all the time! I always worry about it like…this isnt gonna work this time for some reason! Also, by something taking too long I have to effect other people who either have to stay late or something because Im running behind…Makes seeing people taste it and love it even better though!

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    twilliams I am with the others in this thread. This C19 craziness has caused our son and fiancee to cancel their wedding and reception and with the help of my better half decided to hold the event at our place and I can cook.The ace in the hole is that I have a brother that is a chef and is going to show up early and get things rocking.

    Things are going to happen, you just need to power through them. I appreciate the folks that enjoy the food and not worry much about those that don’t. Folks have different tastes and expectations, e.g. Chicken Express or KFC.

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    I’ve found I’m probably my toughest critic, something that isn’t up to my standards others will think it is great!

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    twilliams Another one thing that always pops up is did I actually add the cure? “I did right” then Ill check the trash find a cure package and still want to question myself!

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    Jonathon That happens to me all of the time…ever since I had to ask myself “why did my snack sticks turn out brown instead of pink?” D’oh!!!

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    I did back when I started this sort of cooking, but I left the stress behind a long time ago. Some of that is due to experience with what might happen during a cook, but most of it is having made peace with the fact that things will happen. Just take it as it comes and move along. If you have any idea what you are doing, you’re going to make something far beyond what just about anyone normally gets.

    Time is the greatest luxury, so give yourself plenty of it. Anything smoked holds well. Anything smoked also reheats well, so make it in advance and reheat, if you can get away with that. On that, you can reheat on site and make it look like you are “cooking.”

    As for large events, choose your audience wisely (i.e., know you’re dealing with someone who won’t ride your butt about everything). Be confident in your knowledge and ability. Be humble, and accept comments graciously (no matter how they may be intended). In all likelihood, the negative comments sound louder than the positive, but that’s just because folks with negative comments tend to make much greater efforts to get them across. A lot of folks that like what you did may never say so to your face. If you know you delivered what you promised, then, you delivered what you promised.

    Know that you never, ever can please everyone with everything you do, so never be disappointed when you don’t. Learn any lessons that are there to be learned, and then drive on.

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    This is what I do for a living. Cook. I know my food is great, I offer the best service and anyone with a complaint frankly I just don’t worry about it. I always give myself plenty of time, never in a rush and as TexLaw states, surround yourself with positive people. Cooking and feeding others is a great gift, embrace it as a gift that you give others. Breaking bread with friends and family is one of the most precious things we can do. The only thing I am very conscious of is keeping things consistent. Once I have a recipe people enjoy, I maintain that recipe very precisely. The day I stress over cooking is the day I go to my grave. LOL

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    YooperDog My son & his wife had to do the same thing back in March as the venue cancelled, etc. because of this Corona Business. We offered to just do it all here at the house & we could cater to & save everyone a lot of money. I had just bought a ton of food for everyone to eat before & after the wedding while folks were in town for several days. They cancelled though, because the venue would not refund them & only allowed a reschedule. We could not freeze all the food & had to cook a lot of of it & just eat it, unfortunately. Then the meat shortages & high prices have now come, so I don’t know if I will be able to afford doing it all over again in June, as business has been down a lot in some ways, but up in others. Weird, but we are thankful & we are not stopping. we will have to play it by ear. We hope that everything goes really well for you, your son & his wife. Just do the best you can & put a lot of sincerity & creativity into it all & go for it! Have fun too. You will find some that think it all is better than you know it is & others, well… Not everyone likes every style of cooking & I will leave that all alone.

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    twilliams PS: Refer to the drink of choice section as needed! Just have fun & give it your best. Some will like it & always come running & even offer to help. Well, the others…Well, I say that all that, but I understand.

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    calldoctoday I appreciate your insight. Yes it is going to be a busy six weeks with lots to get done. We will work through it and make it happen. Family will come together and make it happen. That said my wife and I are looking forward to the day after the wedding though. We are going to have to do our own get away to recover from it all.

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    twilliams Do remember this: If you do it from your heart, the stressed feeling will always be there. Even the best athletes/cooks in the world have that fuzzy feeling in their gut before any event. They’ve realized it comes from caring. When they lose that feeling, so does their game. Also, your worst efforts are usually the best for 98% of others. So, go out there and enjoy yourself. It will promote a bunch of quiet around the table. That’s what you’re after in the end.

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    twilliams I make spaghetti sauce in big batches and can it for personal use, I have to have my wife taste test it because my taste buds seem to take a vacation and I can’t taste anything. After opening a jar later and eating it tastes good and a lot of family members request it from me. Still haven’t figured out why my sense of taste goes away.

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    bocephus How long have you lost your sense of taste? That’s could be a sign of coronoa apparently! Just kidding, I can’t imagine how bad that must suck, not being able to taste things would A0 put me out of a job and B)take away my favorite hobby!

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    Jonathon That is exactly what I was thinking when I first read this, “It’s the Corona Business”, but I figured I had better keep my mouth shut. Dave

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    calldoctoday This has been going on for a long time. Just seems to be when I make spaghetti sauce. Taste comes back and I don’t lose it when making sausage or other foods. I think just the effort in making the sauce over two days and trying to get it right does something to me.

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    bocephus Maybe it is so good & full of herbs & spices that it just stuns your taste buds for a bit. Spaghetti sauce can be very powerful & lots of tomato of course. Maybe it is the high acid content, unless you tone it down with some secret ingredients. I wish I could help you out there as the experience must be terrible, I cannot even imagine.

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