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    My question is when you say a 80 / 20 blend meat to fat ratio are you just guessing what 80 / 20 looks like or are you trimming all fat and weighing and weighing the meat to do the math to weigh out 80 / 20 percent. I have always just looking at it to roughly guess 80 /20

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    Denny The answer is Yes. Thanks for smiling. The 80/20 blend magic is both that comes with experience, knowing your meat products and your source. For example: A whole non-trimmed pork butt or ribeye beef roast is usually close to 80/20. While a pork tenderloin or loins, beef tenderloins or eye of rounds need added fat content. In the beginning, review a number of “recipes” and adjust the fat content accordingly. You’ll get a feel for it after awhile.

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    Frankly, I just stick with certain cuts (beef chuck, pork butt, chicken thighs with skin, etc) and sort of eyeball it when choosing those cuts. I don’t trim and weigh those. I’m just making sausage or burgers to please myself and those around me, so close enough is good enough.

    I know I need to trim a brisket to get to 80/20, and I save those trimmings in case I’m dealing with a lean cut. I might weigh for that.

  • I have been grinding meat for 52 years. I just seeing on here about the perfect 80 / 20 blend. I have just always guessed at it. with no complaints. Just was curious how every one does it.

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    Denny I bet that between your eyes and the people who eat your product you’re stuff is pretty much “spot on”. Keep on making people happy.

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