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    Jonathon Here’s my dollars worth on the Masterbuilt Gravity Series - buy one. I was in the market for a new smoker this spring and I have had an electric Masterbuilt, offset smoker, charcoal can smoker, weber grill, etc. I was pushing towards a pellet because I like the idea of temperature control. Call it lazy but I had been doing sole stick burning for 6-8 months and just a time drain with our growing family. So, a buddy of mine pointed me in the direction of the gravity series but said you should wait until the 1050 comes out but this looks to be great. I went to BassPro, they had one and I felt it was good quality and enough space if I got an extra rack. I left that day with it and have enjoyed ever since!. After getting it home, I used the hell out of it! Now that was a 560 and why did I upgrade? The buddy who recommended it waited and was dropped shipped a 1050, he ordered a cover and got a call from freight company about a 350lb delivery and low and behold he was shipped another 1050!! We contacted BBqHQ and paid for the new unit and I sold my 560 the same day.

    Best description I tell people is this is a convection oven with charcoal as its heat source. If you cook some pork shoulder, fatty brisket or bacon, you’ll need to be careful (LIKE EVERY GRILL) about grease build up before firing up to over 400. I haven’t had any issues yet and take the time to clean up or have a drip pan if its something really fatty. The food area is not above the fire box so you will have to clean semi-regularly. A good burn off helps every now and then too but you’re not on top of the fire.

    I looked into modifications and have made a couple but I have gone back to the original grate covering. It allows for better smoke on wood chunks in the ash pan. You can also use all wood if you want in the hopper too as a side note. They designed it a certain way and it works great. Nothing I have done is permanent, the metal cover can come off and I do save charcoal but did really well with the char logs from B&B on original grate. I did put a firebox insert but only because I have access to plasma cutter and welding equipment to do it myself. Inherently, many smokers are tinkerers and I think that’s why people are doing more modifications, because you can. One of the cool additions I have done is use a power bank to power the grill, its a solar unit so you can move it around a little more if you want to. This wasn’t a need and more convenience thing.

    The most common drawback is the app and using it. It has its ups and downs and they need to work on keep it connected easier to your phone. Not really needed but a nice addition to have. They only send one temperature probe and you have to use Masterbuilt brand or get an error.

    Burgers are great, chicken, ribs, brisket, loin, bacon, sausage, etc. I can get a range from 175ish to 700. i’ll try to share a couple pictures. I"ve done some great steaks and did my first tri tip on it. turned out amazing.PVJG8481[1].JPG

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    jgabehart84 First, thanks for the review, very detailed and I am sure that is what a lot of the guys were looking for. 2nd I think you are gonna fit in well here! How does it do when it is as stacked as the picture you have above? I am assuming well, or you would have said something but just want to be sure!

    Grease fires are always something to be aware of, I had one when I was being stupid in my GMG with ribs and now it gets cleaned between any fatty jobs. At one point it was so bad that I caught the chimney on fire, it looked like a portal to hell!

    Thanks again!

  • Jonathon That amount of bacon had it maxed out. I rotated top and bottom after and hour and a half, followed by a filp and seemed to do well. the bottom definitely cooked faster as it was closer to the heat but all tasted great!

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    Meathead is retracting his Platinum medal for this grill, because they have found major flaws since its first review. I’d keep an eye on your grill for the same issue.

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    Tex_77 Good gracious. The prelude to that review was something like “this car was the most amazing thing we’d ever driven . . . until the wheels came clean off.”

  • Team Blue

    TexLaw Sadly, thas been my experience with the numerous Masterbuilt products I have owned.

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