Meatgistics: Reverse Seared Steak

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    Meatgistics: Reverse Searing a Steak

    Learn how to get a perfect reverse sear on your steak using just your grill or smoker! Learn about the Longopac Waste Handling System, plus, save 15% on your next order with coupon code MEATGISTICS41. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

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    Product Spotlight

    Our product spotlight for today is… Longopac Waste Handling System. The Longopac Waste system is a revolutionary device in the world of sanitation and disposal. It completely changes the way that commercial processors and home users treat waste in their processing areas! What do you do if you are at the end of a processing day and your garbage bag is a quarter full of trimmings, guts or other waste material? With a traditional system you have no choice but to take out the entire bag and throw it out. That is an efficient use of materials and waste of money! What about when you throw something out and it has an unpleasant odor? Again, with traditional waste systems you would either have to deal with the smell all day or take the entire bag to the dumpster, costing you time and money.

    Old garbage bags systems take up a lot of space, are cumbersome to work with and the bags are more expensive and will often tear. Longopac has solved this by creating a system that allows you to customize the length of your bags, is on sturdy wheels for easy movement and takes up far less space than a traditional waste container. The holder is an open sided system with a ring at the top to create a sturdy opening for the bags to hang on. The “bags” come in cassettes, really it is a long tube open at both ends and tightly folded to a height of 6 inches. The cassette is then placed around the top of the holder and the open end is slid over and through the opening, the open portion of the bag that is hanging down is then zip tied closed and waste material is placed in the bag through the opening of the holder.

    Once the desired amount of material is in the bag, and remember it can be as long or as short as you want it to be, you then zip tie the top of it closed and then place another zip tie two inches above that. The second zip tie now becomes the bottom the next bag, to separate the bag simply cut between the zip ties with the provided scissors, which are conveniently attached to the stand so they cannot be lost, which as you commercial processors know, can happen all too often! The previous bag is now totally sealed and no waste material can spill out of it. Each order of cassettes also comes with replacement zip ties.

    We carry two sizes of Longopacs, the Mini and the Maxi. The mini is 33.5” from the base to the top, has an overall width of 15” and an opening of 11.5”, the bags for the mini are 213 feet long and have a diameter of 14”. This is an ideal size for smaller processing plants and home use. The Maxi has a height 41.5”, an overall width of 22.5” and the diameter of the opening is 16.5” making it a good size for large commercial processing businesses. The bags for Maxi are 360 feet long, have a width of 22.5" and come in black and clear. Both the Mini and the Maxi as well as the Cassettes are available for purchase at

    Coupons & Savings

    Just for our Meatgistics audience and YouTube subscribers, and because we know you guys like coupons and discounts, we’ve got a coupon just for you to save a bit extra! For 3 weeks after this video is published, use the coupon code MEATGISTICS41 in your shopping cart at to save 15% off any order. (up to $100 discount and not valid on sale items)

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  • @scottwaltner i too used to have that same problem until I made my mix about 30 percent fat added non fat powder milk for a binder and mixed till it gets good and sticky and then the rest cooking temp and water shower @ end.

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  • S

    @parksider I am using fibrous casings and soaking in warm water for alt least 30 minutes. I mixed the meat, 20 pounds for about 12 minutes. The casings were tight when I was stuffing them. I was processing at 125 for 1 hour, 140 for 1 hour, 155 for 2 hours and 170 until the internal was 165. I water bathed them, forgot to hang them over night, but just put them in the refrigerator. I didn’t take the internal temp after I water bathed them.
    The outside of the sausage does not appear fatty and the flavor is great.

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  • Ive been wrong many times before lol! But i dont feel like it would turn out super good unless you found a seasoning mix that would blend well with the bacon taste which might take some nasty sticks to figure it out. Possibly willies snack stick from waltons might be ok… if you do this please let us know how it turns out. Commercially seems like a bit of a bad thing, the cost of bacon/pork fat is huge. Profit margin would be horrid!

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  • @scottwaltner i agree with parker on a few things. You always need to soak your fibrous summer sausage casings for sure! At least 30 minutes if you got time. Also you dont want the casings to stick too much to the meat either though. Fine line there. I think maybe you need to mix the meat longer for that protein extraction would be the main thing. Also you want to stuff those casings about as tight as you can with out exploding, but those casings are tough. What temperature is the summer sausage after cooling them down?

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  • C

    I want to make fresh not smoked nitrate free Hot Dogs. After stuffing I am hot bathing them to 160. These are all beef I must add. What can I use to keep the color so they don’t end up grey looking and have that nice pink color?

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  • P

    Very similar process. Try dividing the spice into 1/3’s. Rub 1/3 on each day for 3 days. Yes it’s very thin, doesn’t take much. Local hardware store had crocks on sale so i got 2. I rub, and rotate each day.
    After day 3, rotate each day for 5 more days. If it’s cold out i leave on the floor in my garage, if not it goes in the fridge-great either way just depends on weather.
    Hang one day-i never rinse. Cold smoke (100F) for 6 hours. rest overnight, cold smoke for 6 more hours. Rest overnight.
    I like mine to be a deep cherry color, that’s how i determine when to stop smoking. If it’s not that rich cherry color, smoke it more! Then rest it for 3 days and slice. We slice it on a slicer so i get super thin slices. Uncle Cecil said slice it thin enough that you can read the paper through it!
    One tip-Walton’s has the little drying pouch that’s in the store bought jerky, They are cheap and make it last forever in the fridge or freezer. I also vacuum seal to 98% with the chamber vac or it get too hard. Here is a pic of what I’m looking for. The fellas have named this George Washington Jerky. It was the only way i could explain it to them before i made it. Told them we were going VERY old school, and now they love it!


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