• I see you have worked with the Westo chamber vacuum sealer, need help the sealing bar is not sealing weston pro-2500, am I missing something please help.

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    Robert Slater How long have you had it, how many times has it been used, where did you get it? Sounds like you are on the rigth track, the seal bar is probably goneor going bad, should be an easy fix. Give us some more information and we can help. Usually Weston wants first shot at fixing things if they are in warranty though so I would check with them first at https://westonbrands.com/contact

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    Yes, how long have you had it and how often do you use it? You need to replace the teflon tape from time to time, and that’s very easy to do (just peel off the old stuff, and put some new stuff on). You have to replace the heating wire (or whatever it’s called) under the tape far less often, but it still needs to be done. Same with the gaskets.

    Also, just check to make sure that the heating wire has good contact. You can see where it’s screwed in on either side.

    If you’ve had your sealer for a good while and replaced nothing on it, you might want to do an overhaul on all those parts I mentioned, above. You can buy a kit for around $30 if you poke around the internet a little.

    I also bought a roll of teflon tape for under $10, so I can replace that whenever I want. That goes out faster than anything else by a long shot. One roll should just about set you for life.

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    Don’t have a Weston, does your sealing bar raise up on it, is it located properly?
    Does it have a seal timer? Is it set properly?
    Kinda vague on the problem discription

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