Meatgistics Podcast: The Science of Nitrite and Cured Meat

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    Meatgistics Podcast: The Science of Nitrite and Cured Meat

    Each week, Jon and Austin break out and critique a new beer and different sausage while they discuss everything about meat. Follow along as they talk about their favorite recipes and share some of the best expert tips and tricks for making sausage and jerky. Stay up to date on the latest news and current trends in the meat industry as Jon and Austin explore everything related to meat and more.


    Beautiful Beverages

    Jon had an assortment of Sour Beers from Prarie Artison Ales, one of the best breweries in America, in his opinion.
    Austin has the 120 Minute IPA from Dog Fish Head which is another of the best breweries around!

    Mystery Meat

    Jon tried to make it easy on Austin with an Excalibur BBQ Sauce but he thought it was the Honey BBQ Sauce, when it was the South Texas BBQ Sauce. The score remains, Austin 1, Jon 0

    Meat Hack

    Cure accelerators allow you to go right from stuffing, to the smokehouse. Without a cure accelerator, you need to wait 12 hours between stuffing and smoking to allow the cure time to work. What it is doing in those 12 hours is the sodium nitrite is breaking down into nitric oxide gas which then combines with the myoglobin for the color enhancement of cured meat. It also then retards the growth of harmful bacteria and keeps it safe during the smoking process.

    Customer Corner

    • Tex_77 Sent in a question about a difference between a Frank and a Weiner and Dylan says the main difference is simply diameter of the sausage.
    • Cody Weise wanted to know about building his own smokehouse or modifications he could make to a home one. Dylan ran through the importance of airflow and humidity.

    Featured Product

    The HBC Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is a great new Circulator that can heat 30 l of water up to 205° and keep it there for as long as you want!

    Meat Matters

    -Perdue Plant just recently closed down, Dylan informed us that we shouldn’t really experience much of a shortage from this as chickens have such a fast turn around.
    -Frozen food has seen a 30% gain in the last 3 months. Major processors are realizing people are concerned with shelf life and taking steps to address that need.

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    Wrap Up

    Having Dylan, who is our resident “application Specialist” ()which in my mind makes him a Meat Scientist) as a guest was absolutely amazing, he is going to be back for sure. He does have his degree in this field so he is an amazing resource for us and for the commercial customers that he supports.

    Other Notes

    Dylan let us know that some inspection restrictions have been adjusted recently to allow plants to process as much as possible.

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    Especially enjoyed this podcast. Like hearing the technical side of things and Mr. Dylan did a great job of explaining some stuff. The later part regarding the humidity was well done. Thanks.

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    I’ve enjoyed all the episodes, but really enjoyed the info and topics covered in this one. Keep it up!

  • Team Orange Masterbuilt Big Green Egg Dry Cured Sausage Sous Vide Canning Power User

    Good topics and information. You guys are getting better with each podcast.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Thanks guys that is nice to hear and I will pass along compliments to Dylan, we have another guest this week and we got into some topics I think you guys would be interested in from a commercial perspective!

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