Meatgistics: Meat Hacks, Grilling Baskets, and Vacuum Sealers at WALTONSINC.COM

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    Meatgistics: Meat Hacks, Grilling Baskets, and Vacuum Sealers at WALTONSINC.COM


    The Process of Transforming Meat from Animal to Edible… It begins here at Meatgistics. The new site for food and meat lovers like you to share ideas with each other and learn tips and tricks from the experts here at Walton’s.

    New Items

    The VacMaster VP112S is a brand new item for us and is now our most economically priced chambered vacuum sealer. It is the perfect option for a home processor looking to start saving money on vacuum pouches by switching to a chambered style machine. Vacuum pouches for chambered machines typically cost a third of the price of pouches for their non-chambered counterparts. That can quickly offset the total cost of ownership on a larger chambered style machine. The VacMaster VP112S can seal up to a 12in x 14in pouch and also comes with a really cool marinating feature that can be set with a timer to run from 9 to 99 minutes. Be on the lookout for our in-depth review from WaltonsTV. The full review will be posted on YouTube and Meatgistics in the coming weeks. The VacMaster VP112S is available at with Free Shipping and for only $549.99.

    Product Spotlight

    It’s grilling season, so the perfect addition for your grilling and BBQ accessories right now is a Non-stick Grilling Sheet, Non-stick Grilling Basket, or Non-stick Grilling Mat. All of these are available at for only $12.99. Anything you cook on the grill that is small and cannot be easily placed on your cooking grates, or may have a tendency to stick to the grates, works perfect on our non-stick grilling sheets. They are safe for temperatures up to 500 F and you can still get grill marks when using the non-stick grilling sheets. For my own personal use, I use the Non-stick Grilling Basket all the time. Anytime I’m grilling vegetables, this is what I use. Kabobs, fish, sliced vegetables and more are great on the basket or sheet. And if you need a more solid surface on the grill, I use the Non-stick Grilling Mat for things like stuffed pork loin, bacon, pizzas, or even cookies can be made on the grill with these mats.

    Meat Hacks

    For making any type of sausage, snack sticks, summer sausage, brats, or any other smoked sausage, it is very important to use cold meat. If you want to keep your meat cold, the easiest things to do is first to start out with really cold meat and then keep your process quick so the meat temperature doesn’t rise too much during your processing. What we will do at Walton’s before making sausage is take our meat block and put it in the freezer for at least an hour before we begin processing. We don’t leave it in there long enough to actually freeze, but we want it to be as cold as possible without completely freezing. The colder the meat, the better grind you will have and the better the particle definition will be in your final product. Keeping meat colder is good for meat safety. The lower the temperature of the meat, the less likely it will be that there will be bacteria growth. And, lastly, protein extraction is more efficient at colder temps. So our takeaway for our Meat Hacks today is…Whenever you are making sausage, cold meat is extremely helpful for your products look and appearance, plus for limiting potential bacteria growth.

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    More Coming Soon

    Stay tuned for more updates and check back weekly for new content from Walton’s plus daily for new content from your fellow food and meat lovers. Also be on the lookout for new things coming from Walton’s. There just might be some more fun and free stuff coming in the future.

    Wrap up

    That’s all for today on Meatgistics. If you want us to review a certain product, answer a specific question, or have any other suggestion, leave us your feedback as a comment on our YouTube video or leave a response here on

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  • I have got to try a grilling mat! Cookies on the Traeger! can’t wait

  • Regular Contributors

    Cookies should do ok, but if you try something runny like eggs make sure your grill is perfectly level. Learned that at the cost of a couple eggs 😞

  • Admin

    I’ve done cookies multiple times, plus other things like cupcakes other baked goods!
    It has all turned out awesome! Definitely something to try if you haven’t before.

  • Regular Contributors

    @austin said in Meatgistics: Meat Hacks, Grilling Baskets, and Vacuum Sealers at WALTONSINC.COM:

    I’ve done cookies multiple times, plus other things like cupcakes other baked goods!
    It has all turned out awesome! Definitely something to try if you haven’t before.

    My wife has even done cheesecakes numerous times on both charcoal and pellet grills/smokers. With a clean burning fire it’s just an outdoor oven.

  • Would like to try a none stick sheet and cook some veggies with the sauce around the meat on the gill

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    I’ll be mixing 25 lbs of venison/pork fat at about a 75/25 ratio tomorrow.
    I’ll mix 12.5 lbs. at a time in my 20 lb mixer. I have pre-measured the seasonings and cure into one bag for each 12.5 lbs. I also have the carrot fiber binder measured for each 12.5 lbs of meat.
    Question 1: Would it work to mix the seasoning, cure, and carrot binder with the ice cold water, then pour into mixer for more even dispersion of ingredients?

    Question 2: On the subject of even dispersion of ingredients…how can only 60 seconds or less of mixing get the encapsulated citric acid evenly dispersed?


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  • @kking It wouldn’t necessarily hurt anything, the only real danger you would run into is getting some case hardening. That is where the outside cooks too quickly and will not pass heat into the center. So you get an overcooked outside and an undercooked inside. If you stick to your previous smoke schedule and get good protein extraction when mixing (should be sticky and stretch if you grab a handful) then you should be good!

    If you get protein extraction my recommendation is low and slow!

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    @jonathon will it hurt anything to cook them at a higher temp to get them done quicker or should I stay low and slow?

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    @jonathon Sounds great. Thank you!

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  • @kking Gotcha! Okay, that changes things a little, if you added sure cure then the only other difference is the grinding and mixing. All of that is contained in the article I posted in my previous one, so if you ground and mixed as I did in that video that . I’m glad people are starting to try adding cure to traditionally fresh products, it’s a great way to experience new flavors!

    Since there was nothing bad growing in your meat (since you used sure cure) then I think the most likely thing would be either be some fat rendering out and essentially basting the casing in fat(which would have happened if you did not get enough protein extraction), or it might just have been a less than perfect batch of casings. They are natural casings and even though they are processed there is going to be some variability. You certainly can use natural hog casings to smoke sausage, people do it often, I just prefer collagen because I find it so much easier to work with and I like the snap of it better.

    The major downside to collagen is that it will not accept a twist as natural casings will.

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    @jonathon thanks for the help. However I did add sure cure to it when I mixed it and stuffed it. Is the issue I’m using the wrong casing? Do the natural casing not hold up to that slow cooking process. I guess I called them brats because I used brat seasoning.

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