Shout out to Walton's employee's!!!!

  • Greeting’s all,

    I want to send a big shout out to Walton’s employee’s. Everyone from the the sweet lady on the phone that helped me understand current policy’s around COVID actions items they are taking, to meeting Jonathon and many other great helpful people all the way down to the warehouse staff. I had the opportunity to visit them locally few weeks ago and I want to say I was quite impressed. If one ever has a chance to visit them in person I would recommend to due just so.

    We were in desired need to gather seasoning’s to process 6 hogs that we had to process quickly due to meat plants locally being shut down due to COVID, all in efforts to help local farmers in the time of need. When discussions started about processing, I recommended we needed to look at Walton’s for all our seasoning and such. Many recommended making their own seasonings and upon recommending Walton’s, they all realized that I was right when saying we can’t make these efforts any cheaper than searching here. We processed 300 pounds of bratwursts and packaged all else. Walton’s came through with all our needed items.

    Due to COVID, we had no faith in shipping so my mother and I took a 6.5 hour road trip to guarantee our product in hand. Upon our journey we had the opportunity to meet Jonathon as well as many other great staff and they all had great recommendations. They politely directed us to their recommendations and as newbie’s we listened to all the knowledge they were willing to share. Everything turned out amazing and we can’t thank them enough.

    Jonathon - I never had a chance to listen to your live podcast on June 1st as I work in healthcare and my patients comes first and foremost, I missed out on a great opportunity you had shared with me upon my visit. Someone might have won an amazing vacuum sealer, lucky dogs… I’m still learning many items and look forward to learning all I can.

    For all those who agree with the support Walton’s provides us please vote up this post!!!

    Also, everyone within Walton’s payroll needs big pay raises for all the hard work they provide and knowledge they are willing to share with us at all times of the day.

    All is much appreciated,

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    SmokeDaddy Thank you, this does actually mean a lot to all of us, not just Austin and I and I will make sure that it is shared with the employees! That was quite the trip you guys took to come and see us and I am really glad I happened to be in the retail store while you were around, always nice to meet people and customers, I worked in customer service before i started this so connecting with customers will always be something I get a “charge” from!

    If you get the chance post some pics of what you guys did!

  • Canning Sous Vide Dry Cured Sausage Masterbuilt Regular Contributors

    Jonathon Are you going to share the part about increased wages LOL🙂

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    glen Well, I have no say in that so it doesn’t hurt me to point out that customers are wanting to give us raises!

  • Canning Sous Vide Dry Cured Sausage Masterbuilt Regular Contributors

    Jonathon Hey, I forgot you were also an employee. Go get-um tiger

  • I was too anxiously excited to cure my bacon as well as some cottage bacon!! I’ll see if I can track down some bratwurst pictures as well.Sliced.jpg Cottage bacon.jpg Bacon.jpg

  • Regular Contributors

    glen Operative word is he is an “Employee” had you said he “worked” there you would have gotten push-back

  • Regular Contributors

    Departing Contestant NICE and worthy Pick, Pick, Pick!!!

  • Team Orange Masterbuilt

    Jonathon take the post to Austin and tell him the customer is always right!

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