• I have made a couple batches of summer sausage now first with just the seasoning and cure then with some hi temp pepperjack. I didn’t feel like I got a lot of flavor or zing from the cheese. I have a bunch of roasted Hatch chilis in the freezer and was thinking of adding in a half pound or so to a 5 pound batch at the end of the mixing cycle, then letting it rest overnight and onto the smoker. Is there any reason I can not do this? will it possibly add to much moisture and mess with the curing at all? I am not using any citric acid cure accelerators. What is the guidelines so to speak for adding extras to summer sausage? Thanks for any advice.

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    dhr18 Blanching them first is probably a good idea as the chilis will be pretty acidic. I believe that green peppers are lower than read peppers but they are still in the mid 5s so it could denature your meat. Blanching it first should mitigate that and as long as you add them after you have done your final grind I think you’d be fine!

  • Ok thanks. I wouldn’t be able to blanch then at this point. They’ve been roasted peeled and chopped. Hopefully the roasting did the same. Is the extra moisture an issue?

  • Yearling

    The fire roasted hatch chilēs will work fine. I seed devein and peel them first. Then blot them with some paper towels to remove excess moisture.

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    dhr18 Nope, the extra mositure from them won’t be an issue but letting them dry after blanching is still a good idea

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    dhr18 If you want some extra “zing,” the high-temp ghost pepper cheese is excellent.

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    If you planned this out first with blanching peppers and maybe simmer them a little longer then use that “pepper juice” as the spiced up water to help mix the meat. I was wondering how much “heat” that would give snack sticks or summer sausage. Normally I use beer but hey spice it up right.

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