Carrot Fiber and Chicken brats - how much water?

  • I searched and saw 3 pints / 3 lbs of water as the answer for 25lbs of chicken breast w/ phosphate and carrot fiber. I plan on a 5lb combo of chicken breast and thighs (skin on) with carrot fiber and spices TBD.

    How much water / pound of chicken or per 5lb of chicken should one add when using carrot fiber? That is missing from the bag…

    .6 pint / .6 lb per 5lbs? (3 divided by 5)

    0.12 pint / 0.12 lb per pound of chicken? (.6 divided by 5)

    Or using grams…for the water
    3 pounds = 1360.78 grams divided by 5 or 272.16gms of water per 5lbs meat?

    Do you start with a lesser amount of water and mix it into the meat/carrot fiber mix and then keep adding until ???

    Thanks. I watched the video and am looking for something more definitive and couldn’t find it. Appreciate the coaching!

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    ClaytonD Yeah 0.6 lb of water for 3 lb would be enough but you could add more. Carrot fiber holds up to 26 times its weight in water so your could go as high as a 1 lb/pint of water for a 5 lb batch

  • Jonathon how does one know when to stop adding water? I am not selling these - just want nice plump and juicy sausages. :grinning:

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    ClaytonD Well some of that is going to be trial and error, honestly chicken with carrot fiber and phosphate can take a lot of water and be pretty goupy before it becomes a problem. Part of it is also going to be you know your source for the chicken, if it has already been pumped with water then that is going to effect how much water it can hold as well. In general though, it can be a lot soupier than beef brats would be able to do. I’d start with the .6 pint and work from there. I’d imagine you could go as high as 1.2 pints per 5 lb and be okay(ish) though

  • Jonathon Thanks!

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