What's in Walton's Employees Home Pantries?

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    What seasonings do Walton's Employees have in our Home Pantries?

    Learn what seasonings Walton's employees have in our home Pantries and how we use them with Walton's and Meatgistics. Read the article, and then post your questions or comments below.

    What is in Jon’s Pantry?

    Hey Guys, today we are going to start a new segment where we take a peak into the pantries of Walton’s employees and to kick it off we will take a look at what I have in mine. I have a bunch of different seasonings and I will go over what I like to do with each one, some of my favorite uses are pretty far off from what they are intended for!

    Salt & Vinegar Wing Shake from Excalibur. It is a great mix that will be a favorite of anyone who likes salt and vinegar potato chips. How is it on chicken wings? I have no idea, I have never used it for that purpose! What I like to use it on is peeled and cut up cucumbers! It is an amazing healthy tasty treat that turns the generally boring cucumber into something my wife and I fight over who gets the last one! Yeah, she usually wins.

    Bloody Mary Wing Shake I like to put this on pasta if the red sauce isn’t quite as spicy as I like it, Pizza if I am doing a frozen one or if it is cold out of the fridge and I love to put it on chicken breast and then put it on the grill. So that is sort of close to its intended use.

    California Garlic Pepper Wing Shake This is another one that I love to put on chicken and then grill/smoke it. Let’s take a second here to actually talk about the label Wing Shake, these seasonings get pigeon holed unfairly because of that label. As you can see they are extremely versatile and can be used for many different purposes!

    Ultimate Steak and Roast Rub I have not put anything else on a steak for years, this takes an average steak and makes it great! To me it tastes like a better version of Montreal seasoning and the ingredients are similar but this is better. You can also make delicious Asparagus with this and some lemon and butter. Coat the Asparagus in olive oil, then lightly sprinkle this on and put in the oven or grill until it is as done as you like (I like them still to be pretty firm so I usually do them for about 6 minutes) melt a bit of butter over it if you choose and then squeeze some fresh lemon juice onto it!

    Mexicali Taco Seasoning. I was leaving work one day and knew I needed taco seasoning so I took this on someones recommendation and am glad I did. It has a lot more flavor than the normal store bought package and just as importantly I didn’t have to make a stop on the way home!

    Sweet N’ Sassy Garlic Seasoning I started putting this on cucumbers before I found the Salt & Vinegar, now I use it on Chicken from time to time and sweet potatoes. This is also part of what Austin recently used recently to beat me in our national BBQ competition…it lost some points for that!

    Better Burger Seasoning. When I am having large groups over I will usually make up a bunch of burgers. I split them between this and the Roasted Garlic & Onion. Both get rave reviews and we find ourselves hosting the majority of BBQs amongst our friends, so use with caution you might find your house the new gathering place!

    Captains Bay Seasoning Good with fish, amazing with shellfish like crab and scallops, similar to Old Bay Seasoning. I also like to put it on white rice with Parmesan cheese from time to time.

    Sriracha Ginger Beer. This is one of Excalibur’s new Spirit Seasonings and isn’t on the web just yet but it will be shortly! It takes the Ginger Beer Craze from Moscow Mules and adds a Sriracha taste to it! Very very good on Chicken this is my favorite out of all the new Spirit seasonings.

    Butter Garlic Rub A little of this goes a long way! One of the few times the saying less is more really applies in my mind. Just a light sprinkle on chicken before or after the grill makes for a delicious piece of chicken! Also great on roasted potatoes, all sorts of veggies and fish!

    Cajun Seasoning This is great on fish, especially catfish or talapia but I use it mostly to make a hot sweet potato french fry! Added bonus this has just enough of a kick that it’s too hot for my wife so I get all the fries!

    Prime Rib Rub You can use it on prime rib sure but for prime rib I’d normally just use Pa’s Soluble Black Bull. Prime Rib Rub is really great to use when you are cooking up some ground beef in a pan, it makes an amazing Au Jus sauce! Get some good bread to sop it up!

    Rosemary Basil & Thyme seasoning Great on roasted potatoes and other veggies, also its part of my Cranberry Glaze that I used in my competition with Austin.

    Kosmo’s Killer Bee Spicy Rub I started using this just on chicken and pork as a rub but now I use it mostly on … Popcorn! Yeah I know it sounds crazy but it adds a nice sweet and spicy taste to it, you have to put some butter on your popcorn for it to stick but just enough for that and it’s a great treat and if you don’t like that it is still an awesome rub for chicken or pork.

    Thai Basil Panko Breading and Farmer Market Panko Breading Both are great on chicken, I don’t like frying them so I do them on the grill and still end up with a tasty and more healthy breaded chicken!

    And now for the most hotly disputed thing in my Pantry…Wild Game Seasoning! You are either going to love this or hate it! The best use I have found for this is to cut Granny Smith Apples (specifically the granny smith for the tartness) up into slices and sprinkle this on them as I am eating it! You can not leave it on there too long or it will start to break the apple down and make it watery. I love the combination of the Sweetness from the Wild Game and the Tart from the apple but I have been called all sorts of crazy for this one! I have not found anyone who likes this anywhere near as much as I do! A more popular choice here would be Cinnamon Toast Seasoning!

    So those are the main seasonings I use, give some of them a try and let me know what you think! Or, if you have any seasonings that you love for anything other than there normal purpose let us know, maybe I will put together a list of the most original submissions and try them here!

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