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  • Team Blue

    Good evening all,

    Am I correct that the turkey cure would work for any poultry product say a chicken or even chicken parts (wings etc)? I want to smoke some wings at low temp for flavor, then maybe crisp them up with a quick deep fry or high heat oven so I think they will need the cure for safety during the smoke.

    Does this sound correct that I could simply brine the chicken wings in the cure overnight and smoke the next day without injecting? What about Larger pieces like thighs or breasts?

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    I won’t talk you out of curing those wings, because you ought to pick up some good flavor from a brine (especially if you add a little something to it), but I don’t think you need to do it for safety. Chicken picks up smoke pretty quickly, and wings even more so. You don’t need to smoke at low temperature like sausage because you aren’t concerned with fatting or. In fact, you can overdo it with smoke, since wings have such a high ratio of surface area to volume.

    You can cook with smoke at a safe temperature and for a safe duration and get plenty of smoke flavor. I’ve done it plenty of times with both wings and drumsticks. Just toss them in a little bit of oil and salt and whatever other goodies tickle your fancy, and cook away.

    Smoke at roughly 225F or so to get them done on the inside, and then crisp them up as it pleases you.

  • Team Blue

    Thanks TexLaw. Will give it a try. I was curious since I am only using a pellet grill and I am aware that the lower temps will produce a higher smoke level than the higher ones but I think I will try using the higher temps first. If that doesn’t work, I may add my smoke tube and then brine only if that doesn’t work.

    I know that means having to make 3 batches but I think I can force myself to eat them! 😉

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    wvhunter1965 I’ve used a pellet cooker (Camp Chef) many times for chicken, and you shouldn’t be concerned at all. I bet you get what you’re looking for.

    Regarding smoke, don’t confuse visible smoke with smoke flavor. The best smoke for flavor is all but invisible. Lower temps on a pellet cooker may look like you’re getting more smoke, but you get plenty at the higher temps. You’re still burning wood, after all.

  • Team Blue

    TexLaw, Sounds good. Thanks for the advice!

  • Team Orange PK100 Dry Cured Sausage

    wvhunter1965 You’re welcome, buddy. We’re all here to help each other and learn from each other.

  • wvhunter1965 Here is what I smoked the other day. These are bone in chicken thighs, no brine or cure, just Pa’s Bull seasoning sprinkled on top and smoked on my Treager for five hours to 170 degrees. They were super juicy, lots of smoke flavor.IMG_0305.JPG

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    johnsbrewhouse The rise of Pa’s is my favorite thing about 2020 so far!

  • Team Blue

    All of this is making me hungry. Gonna put on three whole chickens and a pork butt this weekend for company. Barbecue on the butt, Killer Hogs AP on one chicken, Old Bay Hot Sauce on one chicken and not sure about the other one yet, maybe Citrus Ginger.

    johnsbrewhouse - that looks amazing. Thanks for the pics. Can you e mail one to me? 🙂

    Jonathon - Not to distract from Pa’s seasoning but I don’t think it would take much to be a “favorite thing” this year if ya know what I mean!

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    wvhunter1965 lol fair enough!

  • Team Blue

    So, the verdict from this past weekend is… Delicious! The pork butt and all the chickens turned out amazing on the new pellet grill. I plan to reserve the pellet grill for events and smoking meats the best it will allow me to and continue using my LP grill for normal stuff. Since my dad passed last October, int is only my wife and I now 😞 so our meals are smaller.

    I made hamburgers tonight and sprinkled them with Pa’s! They were great! Planning on using the remaining Pa’s in two weeks when I am doing a whole brisket for a family/friend gathering! Gonna use the Pa’s on the inside and Malcolm Reeds recommendation for the outside. Will update when it happens to let you all know how it comes out.

  • Team Blue


    Thanks again, the chickens turned out great as I said above and they were smoked at 275-300 with no cure! Saves a step which I am always willing to take but only if needed.

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    wvhunter1965 Get a new dog, that’ll take up the time and fill the house out! I’ve got one you (or two) you can have if you want! Pay no attention to the fact that I am trying to get rid of them, they are great dogs, I promise…

  • Team Orange PK100 Dry Cured Sausage

    wvhunter1965 I’m glad it turned out so well, and I’m always happy to help! The only thing I ask in return is that you tell my wife that I -might- know what I’m talking about (even if that isn’t true).

  • Canning Dry Cured Sausage Primo Grills Team Blue Regular Contributors

    TexLaw Don’t know how old you are, but I’m 64 and I have learned that i am never right. First thing I teach any young cook that i am training is how to make homemade chocolate truffles. Then teach them to tell their wife or girlfriend “yes dear, I’m sorry and I was wrong. May I bring you some more chocolate please”. works most of the time. LOL

  • Team Orange PK100 Dry Cured Sausage

    Chef One of the best things for our marriage happened while we were engaged and planning our wedding. We had gone out to one of our favorite places for dinner and drinks and were just sitting at the bar, as we often did. We were discussing some planning point, and I was getting pretty pushy and hornery, and my lovely bride-to-be was getting a little upset with me.

    At some point, she excused herself to powder her nose. When she did, a guy that was a few stools down caught my attention, apologized for butting in, and offered me some advice if I was willing to listen. I told him to lay it on me. He raised his open palms up to his shoulders in that “I’m backing off” and said “you need to learn how to do this. You’re not right. You aren’t gonna be right. This is her domain, and you just need to back off. Just do this,” he said, emphasizing his hands again. He was as nice, cool, and sincere as anyone could be. I took his advice to heart, understanding that he meant it to apply to a lot more than the wedding plans.

    I apologized to my lovely bride-to-be and started doing a lot of backing off. The man was absolutely correct.

    We just celebrated our 25th anniversary. During that time, I’ve passed the same advice along to many a husband, boyfriend, and fiancé. I sure am glad that guy was there, that night, and set me straight!

    (That’s not to say that I’ve not had my moments where I needed to show up with chocolates!)

  • Canning Dry Cured Sausage Primo Grills Team Blue Regular Contributors

    TexLaw That is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Team Blue

    Chef and TexLaw,

    My wife and I have a great understanding and compromise on many things. I did, however, lay down one law before we got married. I made it clear that I was hunting for years before I met her and I would be hunting for years after her so don’t try to keep me from going hunting! To this day, she has never made a comment about when I go hunting and even made sure we were married when no hunting season was in so she didn’t have to worry about me being around for anniversaries.

    I certainly can not complain about my wife. She is a good woman, hates diamonds and shopping and doesn’t like to spend money so I set the hook in that one right away! 🙂

  • Team Blue

    We have been married for 28 years now and as far as I know, all is good!

  • Canning Dry Cured Sausage Primo Grills Team Blue Regular Contributors

    wvhunter1965 TexLaw Well, as much as I joke around, I, too, am a very blessed man. Messed up once and raised 2 boys a a single dad. Very fortunate to meet the right person. We both support and make each other better. Marriage can be wonderful with the right person! Just made 16 wonderful years.

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