• I be getting some bison (buffalo). They have ground, stew meat, steaks, and a few roasts. I was thinking about grabbing 5 lbs of the stew meat and making some snack stick or sausages. What is everyone’s thoughts on what I should get and make. Or who has made something with it and loved it. By the way I love bison steaks I use to eat them all the time.

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    Can’t say I’ve ever had buffalo, but i think making snack sticks out of stew meat would get pretty pricey. I’d probably just go with steaks, hard to beat a steak.

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    jeffreyf Bison burgers are pretty amazing honestly, we have a local place that makes my favorite burger and it is a bison burger. For snack sticks or other sausage I don;t know how well that will go. Very lean meat so you would have to add some pork fat or something anyway. If you do go for the snack sticks add pork fat to make up the 20%. So, if the bison was 5% fat and you got 10 lb you would have 5% fat already, so add 1.5 lb to get to 20 %

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    We eat Bison Bacon Burgers. The Ground Bison is mixed with 25% Bacon ends we grind and incorporate to make the burgers. Season and size according to your taste. They are excellent.

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