• Hello Everyone.

    I have been thinking about making some tasty training dog treats and I really want to avoid any grain fillers. So I decide that if I can make meat sausage I should be able to do the same for my dog with there fav ingredient; Tripe.
    Any help would be great for making a ground tripe with, probably carrot fiber, stuffed into 15-19mm collagen casings then cooked and not smoked to 160-180.
    After processing and cooking will I be able to cut up each stick into little nibs for the dog? will it hold its shape? any info will be great? If not will adding something like a bit of ground liver or something to help it bind?


  • Team Orange Masterbuilt Big Green Egg Dry Cured Sausage Sous Vide Canning Power User

    pkzipper my limited experience with tripe is that you will need to add a binder. I don’t see why carrot fiber wouldn’t work, my preference is sure gel. Adding liver would be a nice touch.

  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    That sounds like a fine plan. They will easily hold their shape for cutting up if you cook them that much (not much reason to go beyond 160 unless you just want to). If they are not cured, you’ll need to freeze large batches (parcel them up, of course, for better convenience).

  • TexLaw Thanks for the info, I thought about the cure and not sure how much longer sure cure will add to the treats life when opened. I was planning on packing up small batches for about a week at most.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    pkzipper If you are only doing batches for a week or so then the cure wouldnt be necessary to extend the life of the product BUT cure also keeps the product safe during thre smoking process. If you arent going to add cure then you will need to cook them quicker, you can’t just slowly step it up. The good news is your dogs arent going to care about the texture and snap of the treats so you can just set your oven to 225 and go for it. Some fat will render out but thats okay.

  • Jonathon Hmmm very interesting, I am not planning on smoking them just cooking them in the smoker with no smoke. What would be a good guess of a cooking schedule at about 225? I never did sticks before so not sure how long they will take without over doing it?
    not really apposed to adding sure cure but to what benefit?

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    pkzipper At 225° they wont take that long, maybe 1.5-2 hours depending on your smoker and the relative humidity. Cure would allow you to start at low temps and step the sticks up in temp every hour or so. This gives a better texture and bite and also helps keeps the fat from rendering out of the stick and getting trapped between the meat and casing or dripping out on the bottom of your smoker. Hard to find any good information on nitrites and dogs though other than the normal “nitrite = bad” from online “health experts”. I’d think the best thing to do would be to do a batch at 225 without cure and see how everything works out. Your target customer are probably not picky eaters if they are anything like my dogs!

  • Jonathon Thank you again! I will give it a whirl this week and post the results.
    Yes the customers are pretty laid back but I want to change that with these treats. Tripe is supposed to be best when raw with all the bacteria but I just don’t want anything bad to happen to the dogs when i make these and cook them. However there nose is better than mine and I am sure they will tell me if it is good or not. I Hope!!

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    pkzipper So, somewhat on the same topic I have a 1.5 year old south African mastiff who has bad reactions to chicken and we think beef. He gets diarrhea if he eats any significant amount of either of those. We have him on a lamb dry food but other than rice. rice water and pumpkin does anyone have a good dog diarrhea remedy?

  • Jonathon I would first get him some good probiotics to fix up the tummy issues. That will take about a week or two. Rice and pumpkin are about the only things that I know of. Have you tried Turkey??

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    pkzipper Sort of, not by itself but it was in a dry food with venison and that was a large issue for him. The vet keeps checking and finding a certain overgrowth of something in his gut but this one was more just me not paying attention and giving him some steak, a treat with chicken in it and a few other things. Just ordered some pro/prebiotics and we will see what happens from there.

    I am interested in if anyone has tried the BARF feeding with their dogs and if so, what do you mix up and how often do you give it to them?

  • So I Did it!! I made the treats with some success. I used 10 lbs of clean tripe and ground it through a 5/16 plate and used carrot fiber as the binder.
    They did not turn out the way I wanted but they are manageable and the Dog loves them.
    What was not quite right was the firmness of the finished product. Tripe is a lot more fatty than I thought so no amount cooking was going to firm them up. Not sure what the answer will be to firm them up; more binder or another ingredient like liver.

  • Team Blue

    pkzipper I can assure you liver will make it greatly worse. add meaty organs like heart and tongue avoid organs like kidneys and liver they are very watery and will make mush much more mush.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    pkzipper Sure gel would probably help with that but it looks like sodium phosphates (an ingredient in sure gel) can be an issue for dogs. Maybe try Soy protein blend that seems to have a more dog friendly label. The last thing I will suggest is Super Bind. That might actually be a better idea…what it has is carrot fiber and potato starch. The potato starch becomes a gel when it reaches 130° so it would hopefully grab a lot of that moisture.

    So, I’d probably try Super Bind, then if you don’t like that (and you are doing it again) try the soy protein blend and see if that is better?

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    Jonathon you want to watch soy proteins with dogs, it causes skin allergies similar to the mange. They will scratch and it until the bleed. I have had several dogs who were allergic to soy products, carrot fiber and potato starch are much more friendly to the stomachs

  • Well I Guess super blend it is!!
    Thank you for all the input. With 10lbs packed it might be a while before I do it again.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    johnsbrewhouse Thanks man, I hadn’t realized that so good info!

  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    I’ll second Super Bind as an effective binder. Great stuff.

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