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    Good evening guy’s and gals,

    I have noticed that Waltons Complete Turkey Cure suggests the addition of cold phosphate when injecting the turkey, yet, the recipe for brisket does not. Is that because Soluble Pa’s has cold phosphate already in it? If not, could I add it along with the Pa’s?

    Also, how much difference does the cold phosphate make for the turkey? I think I purchased the cure and didn’t pay attention to the Cold Phosphate since the cure is called Complete Turkey Cure. Did I misread something, losing my mind or what??? Probably my mind!

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    wvhunter1965 Yes, the Pa’s and most of the injectables have sodium phosphate in them already. Phosphates have a tendency to develop a “soapy” flavor when they are used beyond the recommended amounts. I think that just gave me an idea for a quick video. Taste difference between meat when phosphate is over used. When I was a kid I was 100% sure we would have smell-O-vision by now and probably thought tasting things on TV wasn’t far behind!

    I’ve made them with and without and while I preferred the ones with phosphate don’t let it stop you. You can still make a perfectly fine Turkey without it, it just wont have that exceptional juiciness.

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