pizza brats

  • I just made some pizza brats. They came out good. I was wondering if anyone else has made them? If so how did you you serve them? Sides and toppings. Thanks Geo.

  • Walton's Employee

    Pizza Brats are some of my favorite! I like eating them in a bun with a little bit of hot sauce like Sriracha but they also go REALLY well with pasta in a marinara sauce! Did you add any hi temp cheese? Doing that really takes it to another level!We actually just made some out of chicken, we are going to post a video about it shortly so you could check that out in a day or two.

  • @Jonathon Thanks, I have been adding cheese to my stuff for quit a while. high temp cheddar to kielbasa. Really adds to it. And yes to the pizza brats, moz. Looking forward to your video. Thanks again, Geo.

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