Pro-Cut #12 KG-12-FS Meat Grinder or KG-12-SS?

  • Team Blue

    What are the main differences in these two grinders? Is it just the outer cabinet or, does the FS have some updates I see mentioned on the larger capacity grinders?

    Also, other than the smaller throat compared to the Weston, are there features on either that make them more attractive to a non-commercial user?

    The Weston #22 offers a mixer connection but, I’m unsure if this is worth consideration. Also, since the Weston #22 and KG-12 are practically the same price, does this really make one or the other ‘better’ for non-commercial use?

    I kill a lot of feral hogs so, I’m wanting to grind some of them in bulk sausage. I also want to make some of my own hamburger blends and at some point, I will start making meat sticks and summer sausages. Buying a separate sausage stuffer is likely so, that isn’t a big decision point for buying the larger Weston #22.

    In terms of quantity, I don’t want to go so big I won’t grind 10#'s due to hassles with a cleanup or set up but, I also don’t want to spend all day grinding a 50# or 200# of feral hog either. I have the space for either unit.


  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    Setup and cleanup shouldn’t be substantially different between a #12 or #22 grinder. The amount left in the auger might be, depending on your grinder and what you’re grinding, but someone else will have to comment on that.

    Time to grind will be very different. My Weston #12 Pro grinds 10 pounds in a little under 2 minutes. That seems like instant, and that always will suit my needs. If I were grinding 200 pounds, though, I’d probably want a #22 or even #32.

  • Team Blue

    Yes, a 50# or larger grind will be very few and far between. That’s part of the reason I was considering the Westin Pro #8.

    The Pro-Cut though looks like a tempting option if it isn’t a massively oversized grinder for burgers and similar things.

  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    I admit that I might feel a little odd about pulling out my Weston #12 for only a pound or two, but I’d get over it. The #5 grinding attachment I have for my stand mixer is more appropriate, but I could live without it. The time and effort required to set up and clean up is virtually the same for both. All the parts are the same, just different sizes.

  • Team Blue

    Thanks! That is a very good point about upsizing a Weston grinder.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    sidpost Pro0cut FS and SS are both similar, they both have 3/4 hp motor, the FS is going to beat the SS in lb per minute by just a few oz and other than that it is just a redesign with some savings on materials used to make the external components.

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