• I have been involved in the pork processing buisness for about 25 years. We always injected and brined our hams and bacons for 6-7 days before smoking. Watching your videos you are saying that you can now add aditives that would allow me to go to smokehouse in 12 hours after injecting? We have tryed a tumbler but did not think we had the flavor of brining for 6 days. Could you help me out here. I would like to speed up the process to get meat out the door faster by not having to hold the fresh meat in freezer extra week till ham and bacons are finished. Thank you!!

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    cbherrjr The first thing I would do is to call our customer service department at 800-835-2832 and get in touch with the commercial salesman for your area. The specialize in commercial processing and will be able to give you a more full rundown but:

    1. Either use a cure that has or add some Sodium Erythorbate
    2. Injecting and tumbling will let you go from tumbling and then holding for 12 hours to the smokehouse
    3. Use California Ham Spice if you aren’t already

    Our online ham recipes are more geared to the home processor as most people don’t have access to a tumbler that will allow you to put a full ham in there.

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    This is our experience so dont take it as a rule. On Hams even with Sodium Erythorbate we still hold a min of 3 days. We have found with human error you can still get uncured spots with anything less. I would assume that if you Artery pump that you would have better results than the stitch pump we do. Bacons we can get away with a vacuum tumble and overnight hold.

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