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    Hey Guys this is Jon from Meatgistics! It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means it’s a good time to take a moment and appreciate the brave US Service men and woman who have given their lives to protect the American way of life. The courage and bravery of the US soldier is the backbone of this country without which we would not have the freedoms and rights that we do today.

    There are many great ways to show your support for our troops at this time of the year. Wounded Warriors who work with injured and disabled vets or Homes for our Troops who help build specially modified homes for wounded soldiers are both organizations that do great work with those who have been injured in the line of duty. Whatever you do this time of year I urge you to donate time or money to an organization like this. They help provide our veterans with the care and support they need and show them the admiration that they deserve!

    The charity that we work with is All American Beef Battalion. They are a group of volunteers that are involved in the Beef & Cattle industry who host both send-off and welcome home cookouts for servicemen and women and their families as they are leaving for and returning home from deployments. The cookouts include a steak dinner and entertainment, at a recent event where they fed 4,500 troops two days in a row, Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band showed up to support the troops! You might have seen Steaks for Troops Seasoning on our website, we have partnered with All American Beef Battalion to custom blend their Superior Steak Seasoning which is used for the Steaks For Troops. It is available here and a portion of the proceeds are donated to All American Beef Battalion so that they can keep up the good work sending off and welcoming home our troops. You can donate or find out more about the great work they do at http://www.steaksfortroops.com/

    I know we all lead busy lives and for a lot of us this weekend is a time to relax, BBQ with friends, family, and neighbors, but just try to take a minute to appreciate everything those in our armed services have given and continue to give for the American way of life! God bless our troops both past, present and future!

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