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    Mixing Seasonings


    In this segment we take big swings at recipes that could either be amazing or disgusting! Today we tried making a 10 lb batch of sausage using 10 different sausage seasonings, we call it the Frankenbrat!

    Prep Time

    60 Minutes

    Cook Time

    10 Minutes


    10 lb Ground Pork
    10 different sausage seasonings
    Collagen or Hog Casings

    Nutrition Information for Pork Butt

    228 calories 16 grams fat 20 grams protein 0 grams carbohydrate 16 oz Serving

    Utensils Needed

    Meat Grinder
    Sausage Stuffer
    Grill/Smoker or Oven


    Grind pork twice, first through a 3/8" plate and then through either a 3/8" plate again or through a 3/16" plate for a finer sausage. Measure out each seasoning for 1 lb of meat. Divide seasoning weight by the batch size (usually 25) and that will be enough seasoning for 1 lb of meat. Stuff sausage into either collagen or hog casings. Grill or cook in the oven until internal temp is 160° and serve hot

    Disaster rating:

    This was a very low disaster rating, meaning it was good! Every bite seemed to have a different flavor and while some of the bites were interesting nothing was close to bad. In fact, this would be a fun way to use up some extra seasoning you have! So, if you are looking to try something different give the Frankenbrat a try!

    Watch WaltonsTV: Recipe for Disaster: Frankenbrat

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    We’ve already done the Brisket with Salt and Vinegar Wing Shake and are looking for more ideas. The thought is we want to try odd combinations or cooking methods that might be great or might be terrible! Let us know if you have anything you want us to try!

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    Jonathon I don’t know if this is the sort of thing y’all are looking at, but I’ve always been intrigued about cooking a brisket by sous vide. It’s something my curiosity drives me to do, but I’ve just never pulled the trigger.

    I’ve seen it talked about in a few spots. One chef cooks his, uncured, at 150F for 27 hours. Another recipe cures it and cooks at 135F for 36-72 hours. Then, it’s finished on a grill or oven (or I imagine one could pop it in the smoker for a little while, too).

    I’ve thought about doing a corned beef or pastrami along these lines, too. Cure (via brine or rub), desalinate, sous vide, and finish.

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    TexLaw I’ve done the reverse of that twice now to great results. I have smoked it for 8 hours, then sous vide it at 190 for 12 then let it sit overnight in the fridge (hardest part is not eating it at this stage) and then slicing and warming in the oven before serving. The fat basically melts in your mouth with this. Our 2nd recipe for disaster is already filmed and we used the above cooking schedule. The rub was the only thing that I was curious about and I won’t say whether salt and vinegar wing shake was a good choice or not!

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    Jonathon I love that idea. I guess y’all have the chamber sealer to pull it off with a whole packer? I’d have to cut mine up (and use my non-chambered sealer). Still, it might be worth a whirl.

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    TexLaw So we have a large chambered machine but I also end up doing things like this and ribs (sous vide ribs arent AS good but still pretty good) in a chamberless machine like the Weston Pro 2100. It’s easier to just use a roll and create the size bag I need than digging through and finding a chambered bag that can fit an entire packer and then setting up the large chambered machine for a single seal. Waaa waa right? Pour Jon he doesn’t want to set up the amazing commercial vac sealer he has access too! GOD I LOVE MY JOB!

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    Jonathon Even better! I can manage that, for sure.

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