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    It has been a while since we have done anything in this section and one of the things I liked was giving everyone the stats on how the community is growing and how much Meatgistics has been used. First, that is all from you guys! People aren’t coming here and staying here for me and Austin they might come to find some information but it is you guys who are keeping everyone engaged. The decision to have a community section of meatgistics was the smartest thing we have done!

    Stats for the last 7 days:
    New Posts 247
    New Topics 17
    New Users 55
    New visitors 3,604 (lots of people just visiting or lurking, they’ll eventually get around to signing up!)
    Page Views 121,854

    All-time Stats:
    Posts 19,700
    Topics 2,200
    Users 9,900 (we’d be well over 10,000 but I keep deleting any questionable accounts due to spam!)

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    Jonathon People don’t come and stay for you and me? I am disappointed… lol! People really do come, AND stay for the rest of the community involved here!

    There really are a ton of people that visit, read the conversations, but never sign up. Many of them keeping coming back and reading over and over again though because the community interaction and discussion is so amazing!
    Hopefully we’ll convince more of them to create an account and add some feedback though!

    Thanks to everyone who does sign up and contributes thoughts and opinions on every topic!!!

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Austin Jonathon you two are the heart and soul and always will be. Thank you!

    Glad you are referring to this as a community and not that ugly F word (no, not that one. 🤔😂).

    Great people, experience, thoughts, help and fantastic creations. 👍 To all.

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    Congrats, I remember coming in when you were Mid-Western Research on Mosley I believe
    You’ve come a long way!

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    glen well apparently you’ve been with us for the ride! Mosely is before ven my time here. I often tell Austin that Walton’s only REALLY began when I got here but he disagrees for some reason! Thanks, PapaSop We’ve gone well past a 4’rm I think! Without posts like What did everyone Cook today, drink of choice and others it wouldn’t be what it is!

    Also, this upcoming Monday’s podcast is the best one we have done. We had a really interesting guest, Kurt from Kansas BHA and he and I debated some of the finer points of the Great American Outdoors Act and had an overall great discussion. So, if anyone hasn’t checked it out yet, or did and it wasn’t what you were wanting please give this one another chance!

  • Team Blue

    I would suggest that it is a combination of the two. It is the community for sure, however it should be pointed out that John and Austin are a part of that community as well and I would say the biggest part of the community because of their investment and contributions to these forums not to mention that I have gotten the idea that John is either responsible or has a major role in the creation and development of them. Useful information and a community that cares that helps you. Great job to everyone.

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    Austin Jonathon A large part of my career I was in quality control and product improvement and development. The quality giants always stated that exceeding customer requirements was a wast of time, efforts and money. I always disagreed with that perspective. In our world today, understating and over providing is so welcomed. I know that Walton’s is more than just the two of you, it involves a team. The management is doing something right. While the community is important here, the foundation is what maintains a consistent level of product and service. Wouldn’t it be amazing that we all, as a society, treat others the way Walton’s treats their customers. A sincerer thank you to you two, the Walton’s team, and all in the community that makes this such a special place.

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    You just hit the nail on the head . love this community!!

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    drbrown35801 Thank you! I’ve kept it going but without Austin we would never have gotten off the ground and I am eternally grateful for it. The day he called me into his office and offered me a job making videos and managing a community section about meat was up there with best days of my life for sure!

    Chef Thank you, it’s a team effort and as I said above, I give Austin a lot of the credit, sadly he has way too many other things to do to keep Walton’s running to engage as much anymore but I know he loves the livestreams and podcasts as they give him an opportunity to engage with customers and users!

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    I’ve been fortunate enough to be a member of a number of online communities, and this one rapidly has become an important one. It really does make a difference when a business is interested in getting to know its customers. Y’all want interaction beyond just orders, and you like to see your customers interact with each other. Not only do you want to teach your customers, you also want to learn from them, and you want them to learn from each other. It’s a wonderful thing, and it takes a genuine effort.

    I echo Chef’s words that y’all are doing something right. This community is another example of how Walton’s wants to provide for its customers, how y’all want us to have the best experience we can, and how y’all know that works to everyone’s benefit on every level. Bravo!

    All I wanted to do was make sausage!

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    Jonathon Is there a way we can pull up this statistics?

  • Team Orange Power User Canning Masterbuilt Veteran

    Jonathon And I thought everyone was like me and just come on to see your smiling faces!

  • Team Blue

    Chef We make a serious effort to make that our goal, Under promise, no big smiles, Over deliver, lots of smiles! It seems the opposite of what you see these days I know, but we try.

  • Sous Vide Dry Cured Sausage Traeger Team Blue

    calldoctoday said in Quick Update:

    Chef We make a serious effort to make that our goal, Under promise, no big smiles, Over deliver, lots of smiles! It seems the opposite of what you see these days I know, but we try.

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