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    Planning to make some jalapeño/cheddar brats soon. I plan on doing 25 lbs with blue ribbon brat seasoning, hi-temp cheddar, and jalapeño flakes. I’d like input on how much jalapeño to add. I don’t want them to be overpowered by jalapeño. Any suggestions on jalapeño quantity would be appreciated.

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    metlman501 The blue Ribbon with jalapeno would be interesting…Blue Ribbon is our best selling brat seasoning but with Cloves as an ingredient, I am not sure how that will taste. Could be good or could be bad so let us know! I would think the Jerry’s brat or beer brat would go better with it but that is just a guess, like I said, it could be awesome, so let us know!

    As for Jalapeno Flakes rehydrate 1 part jalapeno flakes to 5 parts water and then once they are rehydrated you can add up to 6% of your products weight. So, if you are doing a 10 lb batch then 0.6 lb of rehydrated jalapeno flakes will be a strong bol flavor. 3% is the lower end so somewhere between that should be good for you. It has to be rehydrated though, don’t add that much dry or you will ruin the flavor and it will just be jalapeno taste.

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    Jonathon I prefer to rehydrate with beer. Because beer!

  • PK100

    I did a 10lb batch of Blue Ribbon with jalapeños and cheese, turned out good, everyone that got one seemed to like them.
    7.5lbs deer meat, 2.5lbs pork fat, 7.2oz blue ribbon, 1lb cheddar cheese, and 2 cups of chopped pickled jalapeños.

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