Meatgistics Podcast: Back Country Hunters & Anglers

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    Meatgistics Podcast: Back Country Hunters & Anglers

    Each week, Jon and Austin break out and critique a new beer and different sausage while they discuss everything about meat. Follow along as they talk about their favorite recipes and share some of the best expert tips and tricks for making sausage and jerky. Stay up to date on the latest news and current trends in the meat industry as Jon and Austin explore everything related to meat and more.


    BHA Statement

    Kansas BHA members value the freedom to hunt, fish, watch birds, trap, hike, camp, and engage in other outdoor pursuits. But as Aldo Leopold stated in A Sand County Almanac, “of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?” Kansas has very few ‘blank spots’ and has been required to be creative in making any ‘spot’ remotely close to ‘blank’.

    Our mission is to protect and preserve the few public lands and waters we have within our borders, open access to new public lands, and endeavor to find new ways to create ‘spots’ that have some feeling of ‘blank’. Because of the lack of public lands, most Kansans feel no connection to public lands or wild places. Therefore, our long-term mission is to raise awareness and educate Kansans of the benefits and necessity of public and wild places.

    Meat Matters

    For the entirety of this podcast, we had the pleasure of talking to Kurt Ratzlaff with the Kansas Chapter of Back Country Hunters and Anglers (BHA). Walton’s and BHA have been working together to get more people physically involved with the outdoors, whether through hunting or meet-ups where volunteers get together and clean up a wild area.

    Kurt and Jon discussed one aspect of the Great American Outdoor acts that Jon was concerned with, the permanent funding of the Land, Water Conservation Fund LWCF. For some background information the Federal Government already controls 28% of the land in the USA, and the goal of the LWCF is to continue to buy and preserve that land. Jon watched where it was argued that the LWCF should work to clear the backlog of the deferred maintenance on National Parks instead of buying new land. Kurt provided some good information in showing that

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    Incredible… What a great podcast. Although I’d never heard of BHA before I’ll be checking this out. Kurt is an amazing spokesman for this organization. Could probably listen to him for hours. Well Done!

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    PapaSop Yeah, we are absolutely going to have him back on, great guy and great organization. He and I were kicking around ideas for that civil service topic after the podcast like we were going to fix the country somehow! Very fun conversation and once we can do events again we will have more from them.

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