• Every one knows when you make chili or home made chicken noodle soup wt home made noodles it all ways taste better the next day soooo. when making brats would it be better to put them in the frig or in a cooler for a day or two before freezing ??? A test for Jon ???

    My next Q is for Jon I’m going to be making the supreme pizza brat, 10 lbs batch wt 1 lbs high temp hot pepper cheese , ( how much pepperoni should i use ??? i was thinking 1 lbs ???

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    How to you plan to store the brats kn the freezer? If vac sealing you need to get them semi frozen before doing that so they aren’t flattened by the vacuum.

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    tim cahill I dont think that would work the way you are hoping. With Snack Sticks I think they almost always taste better a day or two later, same thing with other cured sausage that you would eat cold. The reason is I think the flavor is developing in soups and chilis more while it sits more water is going to be removed, so you have more intense flavors since the water amount is slightly less. With Brats I don’t think that will work but sure, it is something we can absolutely check out and I’ll report back.

    I added a 18 oz pepperoni to a 12 lb batch so I would say a 10-1 ratio of brats to pepperoni should be right on!

  • you are right tex_77, i guess my thought would be to grind, mix in seasoning then hold in frig over night before stuffing

    Thanx Jon going to give it a shot let you know how it comes out

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    tim cahill Be careful when you are grinding mixing and then holding before stuffing. The meat can start to “set up” and that can damage your stuffer when trying to stuff. Now, with a larger diameter sausage like a Bratwurst it is probably less of an issue but it still might hurt your stuffer.

  • Thanx for that info, never thought of that hurting the stuffer

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