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    Made some venison/pork snack sticks back this last May. Used the Gigawatt hot. After hanging overnight from ice bath… Tried them. Didn’t live up to the name. Thought they were very mild. Packaged and froze.

    Here’s the weird part. Been munching on a package for the last week. They’ve gotten better. Is this even possible? More spicy with heat. My son even commented on this.

    Also noticed this with some brats I made. Being frozen doesn’t make sense.


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    I’ve had that happen, usually with snack sticks or summer sausage as well, usually the flavor develops a little more after a couple days. I have not made the gigawatt sticks but have had them plenty of times as my butcher makes them every now and then and I’ll pick up a couple packs when I see he has them and they always have some heat to them.

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    PapaSop I typed out a long in depth response to this and then got it dumped with a reloading page for no reason! Quick recap, I think it is possible for ttaste to develop, I think part is water keeps dehydrating and so the taste is more concentrated. I also think Excalibur might have gotten a batch of red pepper not as hot as normal as other people have said same thing as you about gigawatt. I’d recommend adding ghost pepper cheese to ensure it meets peoples desires.

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    Jonathon I would think that a company like Excalibur would have very tight Scoville unit requirement to keep their recipes uniform. I have very specific ranges for any peppers from my spice supplier so my food always comes out the same. If they don’t, then I would think that at least they should test and adjust formulas based on ingredients.

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