Ribs for Memorial Day celebration

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    Just getting around to posting some rib pictures from Memorial Day smoking. Fired up the 22.5" Weber Smokey Mountain for its first rib run. I’ve always used gas vertical smoker but the WSM is a must have for any BBQ enthusiast. Easy to set up and run, consistent temp produces awesome results. ![alt text](image url)IMG_1423.JPG![alt text]![alt text](image url)(IMG_1423.JPG)

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    Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to upload pics on my phone. Check these bad boys out. Competition style, not falling off the bone… house made rub, crutch with apple juice, honey, brown sugar and topped off with Blues Hog BBQ sauce. 0_1496627493707_IMG_1423.JPG0_1496627537368_IMG_1422.JPG

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    Those look amazing!! Blues Hog is amazing, try the dry rub at some point to go along with the sauce. How long did you smoke them for?

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    2 hours on the smoke, 1.5-2 hours in the foil crutch, 1/2 hour to glaze and finish. If you open the foil pack and pick the ribs up with tongs put the tongs about half way on the rack from one end. If the rib bends and just starts to pull apart in the middle, competition ribs are done. I rest them for 15-30 minutes then glaze-15-30 min to get a nice glaze. Competition ribs don’t fall off the bone, if you bite into a ribs you should be able to see the bite mark and just a bit of a pull to it.

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