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    I know I heard this in a video but I cannot remember what was said.

    I am wanting to make some snack stick with the bold jerky seasoning. I remember they said it’s not a problem since they are both cured products.

    My question is is the ratio of seasoning to meat the same or do I need to change?


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    Herb Manifold So Jerky is a topical seasoning (mostly) so it is going to need less of the actually seasoning to achieve the desired taste. Bold will be a good snack stick, it is close to willies but I’ve made jerky from willies before and Bold is better in my mind. You’re gonna have to do some experimenting but I’d start with 18lb of meat instead of 25 for a batch. Well, that ratio, I don’t recommend you experiment with an 18 lb batch in case it either under or over seasons it. So, about 1/4 less meat (or more seasoning) than the seasoning would call for in jerky.

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