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    You can see by my earlier posts that I have acquired a 22.5" WSM smoker to round out my smoking capabilities and i want to complete in some more local rib contests that are wood/charcoal only so i had to pull the trigger. Made a good score of Craigslist and got it for a fraction of the list price, barely used. I’ve run it four times working on temp control and smoke. I settled on using the minion method for charcoal to keep consistent temp. I use Kingsford blue bag charcoal for heat and wood chunks for smoke profile. And now for the mods-I find myself not willing or able ( I think it’s in my DNA) to leave well enough alone, yeah… what does Weber know about building smokers anyway…but i just can’t help myself, i like to tinker. So i added handles to the sides of the barrel, nomex gaskets on lid and door. I also put handles on the legs so i could just dump the charcoal when i was done and don’t forget the wheels-easy to move around the shed, not the best on the grass. Since it’s an older model there is no rubber access port for temp probes so Amazon Prime dropped one off if a jiffy, installation on the docket for this week. BTW handles are from Walmart of all places and used stainless hardware because I’m a bit obsessive about stuff like that. Anyone else got any good WSM mods that i’m not thinking of???


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