• Team Orange Meat Hack Winner

    I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned on here before, so here is my little Meat Hack. Do any of you use an electric hand mixer to pull pork? I think it is the easiest way.
    After smoking a Boston butt to 195 degrees, I let it rest for a couple hours. Then I use my hands to separate out the larger sections of meat to a bowl and discard the larger chunks of fat. I will usually use a knife to cut the longer meat fibers into more bite size lengths. Then, I use the hand mixer to pull. It does not take more than about 10 seconds with the mixer.
    This technique works well with other pulled meats too, like chicken.
    Pork1.jpg Pork2.jpg Pork3.jpg

  • Team Orange PK100 Sous Vide Power User

    I just put on my Black Knight gloves and go to town with my hands. I mix that fat in, too, sorry if like rubbing butter into biscuit or pie dough. I only involve a knife if some portion of the bark needs it. I’ve never timed how long it takes, but it’s so little time that I’ve never paid attention.

    A pair of those gloves costs around 10 bucks, last I looked. I always have a few pair handy.

  • cdub2007
    I have used a commercial Hobart mixer for pulled pork and it worked very well. That was for feeding several hundred folks though. Nice to know a hand mixer works, thanks.

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