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    With hog prices being through the floor last spring (And still) I picked up a hog and butchered and processed myself. Almost the whole thing is gone over the summer. Except the hams. I deboned them and tied some of the muscles to keep them nice and round. I did the sirloin tip roast whole 17lbs and then separated top/bottom rounds. Dry EQ cured the small ones and wet EQ cured the big roasts. Hot smoked till I hit 140-145ish IT and pulled and put the fridge to hang out for a few days. Then ran them through the slicer. I did a 3% salt, 1.25% sugar and .25% cure. Turned out very good as any store bought smoked ham I’ve had.

    Sliced it thin and vac sealed in 1/3lb packages for a single serve style package. Just a couple good sandwiches per package. If I do any more after vac sealing then I would put whats left in to a zip lock to store for a few days and then throw the zip lock away…seems like a waste of $$ when I can vac seal for 1/20 of what a zip lock costs.

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    I have been curing pork loins into (Canadian Bacon) ham for years now. Not as fine-grained as the hindquarter hams, but I buy the whole loins when there is a sale. Your spice mix percentages are what I have been using for a while now. your hams look really yummy. Happy cookin’ Charlie Foley sr.

  • What is that cure specifically. If I were to do a 20 pound bone in ham what would the cure recipe be. Looks excellent

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    aaronf This might not be what you were looking for but just in case you are wanting to use a premixed cure check this out https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/category/45/cured-whole-muscle-meats

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