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  • Hi Austin,

    We love vegetables off the grill after having recently started doing that. Normally they get wrapped in foil and sealed so the butter/oil/seasoning doesn’t get out. That probably doesn’t impart much of a grill flavor now that I’m thinking about your basket from the video. Is the basket reusable? Should vegetables in it be cooked directly or indirectly? Do you have to do anything to prevent them from becoming dry? Newbie here as you can imagine. Thanks. Hope all is well on your end.


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    Hey Tom!

    The basket is reusable and easy to clean by just throwing in the dishwasher. I cannot count how many times I’ve used mine and it’s still going strong.

    You should be able to cook vegetables on direct or indirect heat, but if you are going to leave them on for a long time like an hour or so to smoke, I would probably do indirect heat for those longer periods of time.

    I always put just a little bit of olive oil on them, and I find this works great to keep them from drying out. Plus, some olive oil will help give any seasoning you want to apply something to grip and hold onto without having to wrap veggies in foil. Doing that, I don’t ever seem to have a problem with vegetables drying out. (Here is what I use to apply Olive Oil:

    Thanks for the questions! Hope I helped and let us know if you need any more info!

  • Thanks Austin. I’m not going to tell my wife how I’m becoming so savvy on the grill. She’ll never find this link!! I’m going to order some baskets, one for each location.

  • @thornstein we marinade the vegetables and only cook them for about 5 minutes or so on higher heat, so they don’t really have time to dry out.

  • @SamOller

    Thanks Sam, good advice. I’ll be trying this over the weekend.

  • I always use olive oil on my veggies. I might have to to get something to spray so I don’t get oil on my hands.

  • Used the new basket for the first time last weekend. Great tool for the grill. I admit I darkened the onions a little too much but all the other veggies came out great. Used an olive oil spray and seasoned them, per Austin’s suggestion. It’s a keeper. Glad I ordered 2 of them, one for the lake, one for home.

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