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    Gamebird Gourmet: Chicken Fried Pheasant

    Gamebird Gourmet: Chicken Fried Pheasant

    Learn how to make Chicken Fried Pheasant with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Pull off Skin
    Fry in Skillet
    Pheasant Sandwich


    Since we are deep frying these we want them to be boneless and skinless breasts(you can do them with the skin if desired). In a pan or deep bowl lay out some regular flour and mix in the desired amount of Bloody Mary Wing Shake (choose your own seasoning but this is the best we have tried) making sure that the seasoning is well mixed in. Then in another bowl crack and beat enough eggs to coat all of your pheasant breast.

    In a cast-iron skillet bring peanut oil up to 350°. We did this on the side burner of our Broil King Gas Grill so clean up was easier.


    Fully coat your pheasant breast in the flour and then move to the egg wash. Keeping a dry hand and a wet hand will help speed things along. After it has gone through the egg wash you can go back again to the flour and seasoning mixture for a thicker fried coating.

    After all pheasant has been coated lay pheasant in the cast iron skillet filled with 350° oil and cook until 165°. You will know the pheasant is close to being done when it floats and turns a nice golden brown. Remove pheasant from oil and lay on an oil rack, giving them the ability to drip some excess oil.


    We made sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, and Terrapin Ridge Farms squeezes and aiolis. These sandwiches were amazing but they would have been nearly as good if we had just cut them into strips and done “pheasant tenders” and dipped them into the sauces we put on our sandwiches.

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    Watch WaltonsTV: Gamebird Gourmet: Chicken Fried Pheasant

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    Jonathon looks like pheasant schnitzel to me.

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