Sous Vide Vodka - Lemon and Jalepeno recipes

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    As requested I am adding the sous vide recipes here for everyone’s future reference.

    Lemon Vodka:

    • Peel 8 - 10 lemons with a potato peeler. Make sure that your peels have no pith (white part) on them. They should be all yellow.
    • Prep you bag by adding the lemon peels and the vodka. Seal it up.
    • If you do not have a sous vide rack (designed to keep the bags submerged), then add a heavy spoon to bag, then seal it up.
    • If you do not have a chamber vacuum, use a large zip lock bag and use the water displacement method for removing as much air as you can.
    • Set sous vide up to 135 degrees and run the vodka for 3 hours.
    • Take out and cool
    • strain with a fine strainer and add it back into the bottle
      Great for so many uses. I love it with Sprite and in Bloody Mary’s too.

    Jalapeño vodka is exactly the same.

    • Cut 8-10 Jalapeno’s into rings with seeds if you really want heat, otherwise half them and remove the seeds.
    • All other steps are the same.
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    lkrfletcher We are 100% doing this, we talked about it quickly on the livestream, can’t wait!

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    Jonathon I am trying pineapple rum tonight, and blackberry margarita’s in the sous vide for Labor day dinner

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