Sous Vide Smoked jalepeno Cheddar Cheese

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    As requested I am re-posting this recipe in detail here for others to try.

    First - I smoke around 100 pounds of Cheddar, Gouda and Colby a year. I freeze it in 1 pound blocks after smoking. As long as you do not extract oils from the cheese, it will freeze fine and be great to eat later. The trick is not to exceed 114 degrees in the smoker. Once the cheese begins to sweat, you are done.

    • Take a 1 pound block of smoked Cheddar out of the Freezer and thaw. Use fresh if you have it readily available.
    • Cut into cubes and add to a Chamber vacuum bag (I use 8 x 10).
    • Cut up 3 Jalapeno’s into very small pieces - Remove all seeds. I like to use a Videlia chopper with 1/8 inch blade - I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond for like $14
    • Add the jalapenos into the bag with the cheese and mix up real well.
    • Seal the Bag
    • Set Sous Vide to 133 degrees and add bag for 30 minutes
    • While the sous vide cycle is running, get a small glass Tupperware bowl out and line it with plastic wrap.
    • When complete, remove the bag and cut a corner with scissors
    • Pour out the cheese / jalapeño blend into your Tupperware bowl.
    • Cover the bowl and refrigerate for forming.

    Pretty incredible stuff


    Remember that sometimes you get darker spots in the cheese - This is just like a bark I guess - Leave these in there as this is the best smoke flavor ever.

    Enjoy Guys!

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