Pickled Pigs Feet

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    This is a basic recipe and similar to making head cheese. You can additions as you desire.
    Possible additions: Pickling spice mix, Hot peppers, Sliced Onions, Garlic, Beet juice (for color), etc…

    The processing used to be done by cooking for several hours and that processing time can be reduced by using a pressure cooker or Instapot.

    If you can get your feet/hocks at the store chances are that the are already cleaned and split and you can omit that step, but you will still need to cook/simmer for 4-5 hours. I like the fresh store bought because I get a thicker/gelatinous broth.

    I have seen this made with feet, hocks and thick cut chops.

    1/2 C. Vinegar, more to taste. Salt, to taste.
    1-2 Bay Leaves. 1 tsp Whole Peppercorn

    1. Split if desired and scrub feet/hocks thoroughly. Cook/simmer partially ~ 1-2 hours. Remove from liquid, cool, remove hoof shell and clean any remaining soiled looking areas.

    2. Put meats into salted water and cook/simmer, skim scum as necessary, until tender, bones can be removed easily~2-3 hours. You can remove or keep on the bones. Strain liquid, refrigerate to allow fat to solidify and remove fat. Refrigerate meat.

    3. Place meat in in a crock pot or container and cover with a brine of vinegar, salt and seasonings and meat broth, enough to cover. Cover and weigh down and place in fridge or cool area for 2-3 days, minimum.

    The broth meat mix should be gelatin like. The beet juice would add some color to the meat if you don’t like the gray cooked look of the meat. Removing the the meat from the bones will make eating a little less messy and adding hot peppers and vegetables to the cook and pickle will add some additional flavors.

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    YooperDog man I love pickled pigs feet. I haven’t made them, myself. Last time I was involved was high school (long d**n time ago) on the farm. I remember “skimming the scum”. I also remember onions and whole chili peppers. i love munching on them or knuckles with cold beer and saltines.

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